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Why Food Businesses are Growing Rapidly

Food is a key to life without this life no more possible so due to increase in population the demand rate for food is increasing day by day basically we have to concern about two factors of Food i.e. Preserve and Serve of Foods  and Nowadays there are many companies who start their food business and are growing rapidly just because these companies are providing their values in a form of Foods that’s what we all need.


Food Business is another Track of Business of providing services and values in “Smarter Better & Faster” forms and these all business are created their identity through which they Recognize E.g.: Nestlé, Unilever and Heineken these all are worldwide companies of Food Businesses.


So, if you have interest and passion through which you can give your unique and ultimate values which in form of food Business than start it Now because ”Next time there won’t be the next time” what you have to do is FSSAI Registration (FSSAI or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) E

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FSSAI Rules for Starting a Food business in India

Many foods are sold at flea markets, fairs and outdoor events. Popcorn, peanuts, banderillas de sausage, hot dogs, donuts Who sells all this food? Most are sellers who bring their kitchen trailers to these events. Other FBO prefer to park their Food Business on the side of the road or in parking lots to sell to workers looking for a fast lunch.


 Owning a food Business can bring a lot of profit, but there are many important steps that should be taken into account before opening the Food business. Obtain the necessary Permits and licenses for Food Business from FSSAI. To be able to sell food, you must have licenses to prepare food. Only pre-packaged foods such as chewing gum, potatoes or sweets are excepted. Each state, county or city may have different licensing requirements for the sale of food. Some permits and licenses may be needed to work in the city and others to work in the county. Begin by finding out what requirements the county where you plan to develop your business ask fo

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Licensing and FSSAI Registration procedure under FSSAI

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FSSAI is a brief abbreviation for India's Food Safety and Standards Authority. For any business related to food and food products, an FSSAI registration is mandatory by law. Of course, you will also need other licenses, but in order to distribute food products and food products, you must have an FSSAI license. The reason for starting the FSSAI registration process was to take care of quality and standards of food in India and reduce deterioration.

FSSAI Registration is mandatory for all FBOs (Food Business Operators) and is starting a new business. All manufacturers, merchants, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, restaurants, re-packers, re-labelers, importer, etc.

FSSAI registration (2)

Those who are involved in the food business will have to get an FSSAI license number. Every food business operator should be aware of FSSAI's Food Safety and Standards Act.

It is necessary for the Act that all food business operators (FBOs) i.e. persons engaged in the manufacture, processing, packaging, storage, trans

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Guidelines for Packed Drinking Water by FSSAI

Drinking water from any base is packed, which should be preserved and cleaned, a process that may include filtration, UV or ozone treatment or reverse osmosis (RO), before it can be used for suitable human consumption.

An expert committee on water formed by the Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI) has proposed that the standards should be referred to the adjacent pillar of "maximum pollutant level acceptable for water as a component of food" and "permissible limit".

Guidelines  for Packed Drinking  Water (6)

In addition, it has been suggested to set the limits of total pesticide residue of 0.0005 mg/liters as per the prescribed drinking water values in relation to pesticide residues.

According to FSSAI Regulation, 2011, the State/Central Licensing Authority is required to provide the report of the water analyst to be used as a component of food while applying for an FSSAI license for packed drinking water.

Guidelines  for Packed Drinking  Water   (2)

The expert group, under the chairmanship of then CEO VN Gaur, discusses the water standards used in food dur

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How to Apply online Hookah bar license in India?

Regarding licensing for liquor and tobacco, there is a separate set of guidelines in every state of India. But some general guidelines for FSSAI Registration which all states follow. All hookah bar owners will have to comply with the COTA Act which was effective on October 2, 2008. COTPA Section 4 states that no person will be allowed to smoke in any public place.

Hookah bar license in india (3)

It further states that provided that there is a capacity of thirty persons or more to sit in thirty rooms or a restaurant in a hotel and a separate provision can be made for the smoking area or place in the airport. This pipe is smoked like a cigarette by various people.

Everyone is aware of the side effects of tobacco. It is harmful to smokers as well as health for smokers. Before starting a hookah bar, the government requires hookah bars license because it has tobacco. According to the Supreme Court, the business  License is enough to run a hookah bar. For Business hookah bar license is the most important document requi

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FSSAI Registration Consultants For Food Business

The FSSAI Act 2006, which was implemented in 2011, replaces previous records on food and food safety rules and issues of FSSAI registration related to food, packaging, and label food items and restrictions on sale food products give the right to process.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has been constituted by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare with a strict view to implementing the FSS Act on food business activities. FSSAI License was formed to keep a point of contact for all food operators.

FSSAI Registration Consultants (3)

The role and responsibility of FSSAI are to ensure that all food-related laws are being followed by food business operators. With the growing urbanization of the population, even developing countries are starting to rely on a processing of food for world trade and domestic needs.

It is important that in complex supply chains - from farmers to consumers - food remains suitable for good quality and consumption. This is the reason that food security rules are an e

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How to Register Online For Food License?

FSSAI Food License always depends on the annual turnover of food business operators. FSSAI is the only agency in the country which has come into existence to check the quality of food available for human consumption. Recently, the agency proposed a draft Food Safety and Standard (Food Product Standards and Food Additives. It is related to food requirements.

The objective of the Government of India is to ensure that the standards of production, import, and distribution of food items are followed in the country. In this way, problems like a low and low quality of food and dessert decrease.

Food license Registration (5)

Any person cannot start or take any food business without obtaining Food License from food authority. For an application of fresh FSSAI Licenses or FSSAI Registration for food business operators, only one application is Form A. In fact, food license is a 14-digit registration number which is printed on food packages. Food business operators have to apply for food licenses and follow the following n

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FSSAI License Procedure for Food Business in India

An FSSAI License for Food Business is thus the sole most significant license which is essential for food business operatives in India. All the eligible food operators like manufacturers, transporters, distributors, retailers, etc. are also required to have an FSSAI License before the commencement of the Food business. But, it is not essential only receiving of an FSSAI certificate, in fact it is equally important in order to renew your license from time to time. The charge of the certificate thus increases with the amount of years applied for.

FSSAI License

The (FSSAI) has been constituted by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare with a stringent visualization to implement FSS act on food business activities. FSSAI was formed to keep a single point of contact for all the food operators. The role & responsibility of FSSAI is to make sure that all food-related laws are being followed by food business operators. Thus, if the registration of the renewal of a license has not been applied for within

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FSSAI Registration for Food Industry in India

A number of companies and startups are working in the food sector but do you know that if you are looking to start any business in the food sector, then you must have FSSAI License as it is very important for you. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was established in 2006. It is basically an organization made for protecting the health of the people.

FSSAI Registration - Copy

It is mandatory for all the Food Business Operators (FBOs) in order to obtain a food service license. FSSAI Registration is required for carrying on activities related to any stage of manufacturing, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution of food. Food Business cannot be commenced unless a valid license is obtained, therefore FSSAI License becomes essential to start any type of food business. We will help you to get your FSSAI license and registration quickly at an affordable cost. Food Business Operators can apply online for the Registration and Food Licensing through an online application syst

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What is the procedure for Obtaining FSSAI Registration?

FSSAI licenses are mandatory for every business operation dealing with food products. The objective of making the license mandatory was to ensure the safety of consumers using these food products. Like other business operators, a restaurant must also have an FSSAI license before its operation can be started. If you are planning to set up your own restaurant, by online FSSAI Registration procedure , it has become quite easy and convenient for a large number of people to register for an FSSAI license.

How to Obtain FSSAI Registration Procedure

There were days when people had to run from one office to another to receive approval at different stages of the application process. Things have become quite simple and it has a very good effect on the business. Who went into the registration process in the old days. In FSSAI Online process, all documents can be submitted online and forms can be filled online and can be submitted online to entire process. These documents are addressed in proof, proof of identity, phone number, a valid e

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