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Process For FSSAI License and FSSAI Registration Renewal

FSSAI licenses are necessary for every food business operation dealing in food products and; Food business operators can apply online for FSSAI Registration and license through the online application system with the help of GetFoodLicense. All steps are simple for applying for online FSSAI registration.

FSSAI License, FSSAI Registration Renewal

Like other food business, there should also be an FSSAI license before starting a restaurant. If you are planning to set up your own food business through the online FSSAI registration process, it has become quite easy and convenient for a large number of people to register for the FSSAI license.

A few years ago people had to run from one office to another to receive approval at different stages of the application process. Nowadays, with the help of GetFoodLicense, the FSSAI online process and FSSAI Registration Renewal process are quite simple and easy such as all the documents and forms can be filled and submitted online. These documents are addressed in evidence, proof of identit

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FSSAI Rules for Starting a Food business in India

Many foods are sold at flea markets, fairs and outdoor events. Popcorn, peanuts, banderillas de sausage, hot dogs, donuts Who sells all this food? Most are sellers who bring their kitchen trailers to these events. Other FBO prefer to park their Food Business on the side of the road or in parking lots to sell to workers looking for a fast lunch.


 Owning a food Business can bring a lot of profit, but there are many important steps that should be taken into account before opening the Food business. Obtain the necessary Permits and licenses for Food Business from FSSAI. To be able to sell food, you must have licenses to prepare food. Only pre-packaged foods such as chewing gum, potatoes or sweets are excepted. Each state, county or city may have different licensing requirements for the sale of food. Some permits and licenses may be needed to work in the city and others to work in the county. Begin by finding out what requirements the county where you plan to develop your business ask fo

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FSSAI license for packaged drinking water

FSSAI license guidelines for packaged drinking water

The water collected from any source should undergo a proper pre treatment process which includes

  • Decantation (to seperate mixture from liquid)
  • filtration
  • ozonation
  • activated carbon filtration
  • catridge filter
  • deionization
  • remineralization 
  • reverse osmosis
  • Packaged water should be completely harmless by ensuring that the water is fully disinfected by the means of physical methods and chemical agents. This would ensure that the level of microorganisms present in water is at the accepted level of consumption.
  • If the water treatment process involves remineralization, only approved minerals should be used in water that is food grade/pharma quality.

Paint Splatter Art Fundraiser FlyerThe new guidelines also specify the limit of microorganisms present in water and which ones must be absent:

  • Escherichia coli (or the RMO tolerant bacteria)
  • Yeast and mold
  • Faecal Streptococci, and Staphylococcus aureus
  • Coliform bacteria
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosin
  • Vibrio chole
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Know about FSSAI Registration Fees

Government Fees for FSSAI Registration is 100 Rs. per year which is an Online payment by SBI challan FSSAI Registration Fees or SBI bank account linked to FSSAI website. You can find bank details on your website and can transfer money accordingly. There is also a convenient option for depositing funds in their SBI bank account, and you can choose the best method to suit your convenience. Payment will be done by the Food Business Operator through online e-pay SBI bank challan online. FSSAI is a government authority that ensures standardization and security of food products produced, manufactured and sold in the country.

FSSAI Registration Fees (4)

The Food Business Operator must adhere to the guidelines laid down by the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. Today, most people become aware of health and before buying food products, they have to be free of pollution, mixing the quality of the product and there are standard ingredients in it. The main responsibility of FSSAI is to ensure that all food-related laws

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How to Register Online For Food License?

FSSAI Food License always depends on the annual turnover of food business operators. FSSAI is the only agency in the country which has come into existence to check the quality of food available for human consumption. Recently, the agency proposed a draft Food Safety and Standard (Food Product Standards and Food Additives. It is related to food requirements.

The objective of the Government of India is to ensure that the standards of production, import, and distribution of food items are followed in the country. In this way, problems like a low and low quality of food and dessert decrease.

Food license Registration (5)

Any person cannot start or take any food business without obtaining Food License from food authority. For an application of fresh FSSAI Licenses or FSSAI Registration for food business operators, only one application is Form A. In fact, food license is a 14-digit registration number which is printed on food packages. Food business operators have to apply for food licenses and follow the following n

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Food Licensing Service for Food Business

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If you are planning to start any food business in India, you need to get food license under FSSAI Act. Food Licensing mandatory for starting any food-related business in India.

If you are starting a trading, import or manufacturing in the food industry, then Enterslice is the best place for getting FSSAI license services. Food License is the most essential and basic requirement for every type of business related to food.

Food Licensing

The licensing authority will issue you a license in the format under Schedule 2 of FSSAI Regulations, a true copy of which will be needed to be displayed at a prominent place at all times within your business premises.

The basic function of the Food Safety and Standards Act is to ensure that there is a healthy and hygienic supply of food and food products. This is both important and essential for such guidelines to be followed, as food is something that affects every individual, irrespective of any discriminating factor.

It is mandatory to follow the Food product

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Food License Criteria for Food Business in India

The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 is the ultimate law for the regulation of the food products formulation and enforcement of the food safety standards in the country. In India, for FSSAI License process for Food Business is regulated and administered by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the apex authority in India. FSSAI functions under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. Maintaining the food safety guidelines is imperative for the country as it is important to ensure providing safe and wholesome food to the consumers. 

Food License

In the present time, the consumer has also become health conscious and before purchasing any food product, they make sure they are purchasing and eating food that is free of adulteration, contamination, and prepared to keep the hygienic standards in focus. Consumers have become aware of food safety and prefer eating and purchasing food that is Food License and approved. For that reason, every Food Business O

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Procedure to Start A Food Business in India

In India, food business has witnessed drastic growth. The food sectors have emerged high-growth and high-profit sector. The food business is actually easy to start but need to aware of the legal licensing requirement.

Procedure to Start A Food Business in India (2)Finalise Type of Business:-

The very first step is to decide the type of business in the food sector. There needs to be a proper homework before you begin with any kind of business. Once you’re ready with your resources and plan of execution, you will have to look around the legal license or NOC required to avoid any legal complications.

Food License:-One of the mandatory requirement for registering business entity is to obtain them. As mentioned under the act, every food business operator shall get its business registered or obtain a Food License The basic motive is to assure the safety. The below are the categories in which license are divided based on the turnover limits: Basic registration: Turnover up to 12 LakhsState License: Turnover up to 20 crores andCentral L

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FSSAI Rules and standards for confectionery in 2018

When it comes to food consumption, people need to have a knowledge of Food License for food business about what they are eating or drinking as it directly affects their safety and health. There is no dearth of food products available in the market. Same goes for the chocolates as well. People get attracted to the colorful packaging of chocolates and the sweetness they promise to offer. Before choosing a chocolate to buy, it is imperative to check the signs of approval on its packaging so as to confirm that it is suitable to consume. The Government of India has an authorized agency, the FSSAI or the Food Safety and Standards of India to ensure the quality of food available for human consumption.

FSSAI Rules and standards for confectionery in 2018

The revisions made by FSSAI are pertaining to the standards set for the use of vegetable fat used in chocolates. The standards that were earlier set by the agency did not allow the use of vegetable fats in chocolates with only cocoa butter being an exception. Now, the agency has permitted to

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How to Do FSSAI Registration Online

you are going to start a food business, you first need to go through FSSAI registration process. Food business owners can easily apply online for the FSSAI registration and licensing via an internet based application system. Are you still in dilemma? If yes, then you should check out stated below tips on how to do FSSAI registration online. So, let’s keep reading it.

Instructions on How to Do FSSAI Registration Online


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