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A Nasty Cryptocurrency Wallet Switching Malware on the Rise

Cryptocurrency Clipboard Hijackers are a newer form of cryptojacking virus. This new category takes over the workings of the Windows Clipboard, for just one purpose: to insert the cybercriminal’s cryptowallet address replacing the user’s legitimate cryptowallet.

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Computer Network Security — Evolving Risks

Computer Network security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and seem to reproduce by the day, and this resulting in the endless annoyances for the IT professionals. With each new section of technology arriving on the outlook, a security threat seems to attend it. The input for IT companies is continuously assessed the current security measures and policies to identify any of the inadequacies that may be exposing the company from the risk.


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8 Ways to Protect your Smartphone from Hackers

posted by jenifferleio12 8 months ago
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On an average, a person spends more than 5 hours in a day, by makings calls or downloading some different apps or most of the time people are using social media. Smartphones are used for just about everything.

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