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Video Surveillance Equipment For Business

Home security and surveillance can be an indispensable tool for keeping an eye on things while your not there. ITWishes offers business and home video surveillance so you can monitor your office 24/7 and protect against shoplifting, fraud, unwanted entry, and other threats. 










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IT Security for Small Businesses

Do you need IT Security for your business? Protect your business by getting  all-in-one solution  from ITwishes that helps in protecting your business through antispam, antivirus or any other web security. Contact us - 510.289.4468

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The evolution of Information and Technology

The classification of information has become extended along with the advancement of technology. Professionals of information and technology design intricate computer networks and databases. They also install applications for the networks and the job of managing databases lies largely on them. They deliver data management, computer hardware, networking and develop and design software. Information technology is also termed as “infotech” which means to produce, store or control information. Two terms information and technology refer to one entity of dual processes that depend on each other.There are many specializations that deal with various aspects of information technology - Read More

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