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Storage hacks for apartment living

Until I came to Canada, I never fully understood why storage was such an issue – in this part of the world. It is only after I had settled into my own apartment that I finally understood how space and extra storage is actually a big deal.

I also realized that as I change my wardrobe accordingly due to the very different seasons (bear in mind I am coming from 2 seasons – 5 degree minimum winter and a 40 degree maximum summer only) I needed, as do most Albertans enough storage to keep my “out of season” clothing and most of my library. Read More...

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Check Out These 5 Fabulous Eateries You Must Visit in Central Edmonton, Canada!

Everyone has days where they get home from work and just don’t want to cook. Thankfully, if you’re living in Central Edmonton, which is considered to be in prime locations for a multitude of reasons, including a large number of excellent restaurants located around this specific location. 

 Rostizado - #102, 10359 – 104 Street –  Prior to this restaurant opening, Tres Carnales was the best Mexican restaurant in town according to most people. Since Rostizado opening in the Mercer building they have stolen this title. Luckily for the owners of Tres Carnales, they own Rostizado as well. 

 Numchok Wilai – 10623 – 124 Street – If you’re not paying attention you can easily drive by this little restaurant on 124 Street but you’d be missing out if you did. A nice little Thai restaurant, they offer a large number of dishes that will appeal to everyone.

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11 Ways To Overcome Clutter In A Small Edmonton Apartment

To dispose of the mess and get the most out of your little space, utilize these ten space organization tips to maximize the space:

  • Use Shelving: When using shelves, or any racking for placing things, buy something that will reach the roof. More shelves lead to more storage space, and the end of that cramped feeling.
  • Include More Shelves: Don't restrain yourself to traditional bookshelves. You can add racking even above the toilet to make space in your washroom, or in your closet to amplify organization. Rather than having a headboard, introduce a racking unit so you can dump your nightstand and make more space.

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What are the Standard Responsibilities of an Apartment Landlord in Edmonton?

Being a landlord also includes following the law. There are national and state wise strict landlord-tenant rules that everyone must follow. This incorporates rules for collecting security deposits, following safety and health standards and for evicting tenants. Here are some of the responsibilities a landlord has to their tenants.

Responsibility to Maintain a Safe Environment

Everyone wants their home to be safe and protected. And, it is a landlord’s responsibility that he provides his tenants with a safe place to reside. Tenants should feel safe in their apartment. Every single front door should have a deadbolt lock.

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Renting An Apartment In Edmonton Even With A Bad Credit Score

What Exactly A Credit Score Is?

By discovering what your credit score is actually is to maintain a strategic distance from circumstances where it might be an issue. Be prepared before you begin your search. This can help you with the following tips and can aid you in your search and not let a bad credit score stand in your way:

  • Honesty is the Best Policy

A bad credit score is a problem for most of the landlords, but not all of them. If you are concerned that your bad credit score is going to stand in the way an apartment that you really want, try being honest with the landlord/manager before they run your score. Honesty can work in your favor. 

  • Offer to Increase the Damage Deposit

A bad credit score might result in a larger deposit or even advance payment of rent. This will help to reassure some managers that you are capable of providing the required rent each month regardless of what your credit history says. It will likewise get some additional security that you might no

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A decision all property managers must make about Pets in Rental Apartments

Most managers have endless horror stories of irresponsible pet owners. Even though those stories are created by only about 5-10% of pet owners they ruin the chances for others to find rental places where pets are accepted.

Cats and dogs can be a human’s greatest friend. There are several benefits to having pets. They help to relieve stress, give emotional pleasure, help reduce anxiety, and motivate us to move around. Latest studies also show that they can reduce allergy sensitivity in kids.

The primary issue with dogs is the noise. Most of them bark, some bark when their owners are gone, some bark when their owners are home, and some bark all the time. This can certainly be annoying if it is happening on a daily basis.

Another headache is when dog owners don’t pick up the dog waste, especially when they are taken out in areas where kids play as well.

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