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Pay Per Click And Its Advantages


In the techno savvy era, after exhausting all other possibilities, we are moving towards legit techniques in order to attract visitors to our website. We have seen it all from getting our hands on internet for the first time, where we were so much in awe of this new era, we thought it worked and served our commands and we didn’t bother ourselves with the back-end technology, to Google’s recent misuse of market position and Facebook’scontroversial sharing of information, highlighting the fact that all is not in our control. In fact, everything is initiated by us and we intentionally (though, most of the times, unknowingly) surrender everything to the tech giants out there. Pay per click is one of those things which allow us some control over prospects as we are essentially buying visits to our site.

It is now the most talked about term in digital marketing context and essentially the most important. We might have come across a phenomena, which is ‘The demand for a product gradually d

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