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Storage hacks for apartment living

Until I came to Canada, I never fully understood why storage was such an issue – in this part of the world. It is only after I had settled into my own apartment that I finally understood how space and extra storage is actually a big deal.

I also realized that as I change my wardrobe accordingly due to the very different seasons (bear in mind I am coming from 2 seasons – 5 degree minimum winter and a 40 degree maximum summer only) I needed, as do most Albertans enough storage to keep my “out of season” clothing and most of my library. Read More...

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Renting an Apartment in Saskatoon | CIRCLAPP

  Find a large selection of houses, condos, apartments in Saskatoon. Circlapp has wide range of furnished rental apartments throughout Canada.For more information please contact 1800-707-8154 or visit our website at continue reading
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