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What is also important while looking for cheap cigarettes online

posted by SaveOnCigs 4 months ago
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Of course most important thing in shopping is price. Especially these days when smoking is expensive. Everybody wants to get cheap cigarettes online. But what is really important - time. At SaveOnCigs you can get your shipment delivered within days not months. Or shop is using Express shipping method only. And it is always trackable. You can monitor and track your parcel all way long. So let's save some money and let's save your time with SaveOnCigs!

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Best place to shop for cigarettes

posted by SaveOnCigs 5 months ago
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What are the main requirements for ideal online cigarette shop? First of all of course is affordable pricing. Another important thing is express shipping that allows you to get your cigarettes within days not weeks. SaveOnCigs is best place to buy cigarettes online because it is very customer-oriented and matches above-mentioned criteria. Moreover, there is even free shipping applied for orders with two cartons or more. 

You cannot buy time. So it is very important that there is express shipping only available for all of our orders by default. 

Let's save your time while saving your money!

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Davidoff - premium brand with great history

Davidoff is very popular brand, with products can satisfy the most sophisticated smokers. Nowadays the owner is the world famous Imperial Tobacco.  It acquired Davidoff company in 2006.

The deal was made after the death of the Davidoff founder, whose name became a well-known brand in tobacco industry. During the formation of the company, the production of tobacco products was located on the territory of Cuba, but later it was transferred to the Dominican Republic.

The company's products are classified as premium. For several decades Davidoff cigarettes have a wide popularity in different countries around the world. The brand invariably ranks number one in ratings of premium tobacco products. This is clear demonstration of the high quality of Imperial Tobacco products.

Products of Davidoff brand are classified as expensive. But such a price is justified: for their production, raw materials of the highest quality, natural, not reconstituted tobacco. At the beginning of its appearance

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Camel - iconic tobacco brand.

This brand is a very conservative, which is clearly emphasized by the classic taste and design. R. J. Reynolds Tobacco launched it in 1913. During the entire lifetime, Camel did not made serious changes even to the design of the pack. This American brand is very popular around the world and it is ranked 5th in cigarette sales worldwide.

Camel Filters has the richest taste and is the company's bestseller. It is on the list of top selling cigarettes in more than 90 countries. Almost a century people enjoy the great Camel Filters, thanks to stable classic quality, and conservative touch.

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Marlboro Touch - Evolution of Marlboro Gold Flavor Line

Well known in the world Marlboro Touch cigarettes offer many quality enhancements and a very distinctive design. It has a soft touch pack and firm filter, harmonizing with the other Marlboro cigarette types.

These cigarettes provide to the adult smokers quality features and a premium smoking experience along with top-class blend, with affordable pricing.

Following smokers’ needs, offers an outstanding “affordable luxury” price as little as £39.49! With free international express delivery for two or more cartons!

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Why online shopping is better than in-store

Online shopping gives you a freedom to place your order sitting at your home and track your delivery. You can shop even after a few drinks and no need to worry about going somewhere. Most of modern companies have online shopping as a big share in their daily sales. For example in 2017 online shopping in UK was worth more than 150bn pounds.

Main reason of course that it is duty free. We can see that duties and taxes are constantly rising and it directly effects on retail in-store prices. You can find duty free cigarettes online cheaper for 50%. Main value in retail cigarette price comes from taxes and duties. Because generally, pure production cost for cigarettes is very low. It is no more than 10% of the price tag you see at your neighbor store shelf.


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