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7 States, 7 Unique Wedding Bangle Rituals Performed In Different States Of India |

7 States, 7 Unique & Different Wedding Bangle Rituals Performed By Indian Brides

Bangles, In India, have a different and unique place with a Traditional meaning. In India, bangles are not just as an ornament to adorn and for embellish but as a symbol of being married woman it signifies. In the different colours of different rituals of the wedding, the bangle rituals come amongst them and have the different colour like others. Rituals differentiate according to the state, religion, and community but inhibit and carry same meaning and significance. Each state and community has the different process of the bangle ceremony like the different flavour of India. Lets take a visit towards bangle tradition of different states.

Bridal Bangles of Rajasthan:

The most colourful state of India, Rajasthan, the bridal bangles of here are famous. The Rajasthani bride uses to wear the combination of different vibrant and positive colours of life like green, which represents prosperity, red, which r

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5 Different Wedding Rituals All Around The Globe |

Marriage holds same meaning in the whole world where both the bride and groom take vows for each other as a promise of long-lasting love, happiness, togetherness, and kinship. But the way of performing the wedding rituals are different all over the world as per of the traditions where the destination is same but the way is different. Each wedding tradition is performed in the different but exciting and amazing way, so today we will go on a world tour where you will know about the different wedding traditions across the globe. Let's begin. Many matrimony sites have written on this topic around India. But we are presenting wedding rituals all around the world.

In the wedding tradition of South Africa, the bride's parents and the groom's parents as the blessing and good wishes to their newlywed couples the fire they bring from their fireplace. Then the newlywed takes those fires and places them to their new homes fireplace together to ignite and starts their new married life together f

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