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7 Vows- The Real Meaning Of Seven Vows In Hindu Marriage |

All the colors of the world are in the seven rounds of life this is the real meaning of Seven Vow, 7 Vow is the ritual performed by the bride and the groom. In Hindu wedding ritual the significance of Saat Phere i.e. seven rounds is utmost. In this sacred ritual, the bride and the groom have to circumambulate around the pious fire i.e. resemble of god of fire(Agni deva) and take seven rounds, within each round, there exists a momentousness of the marital relationship.  Each consecrate round or Vow is a promise, the bride, and the groom use to give to each other while taking each round around the holy fire, it is said that after taking these seven rounds in the presence of sacred fire, the bond between the spouses become unbreakable and they would become inseparable even after their arrival from the earth. In fact in Hindu mythology, on the basis of our Vedas, it is said that after these seven consecrate rounds or Saat Phere or Seven Vows the couples becomes of each other for seven live

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