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A highly functional democracy

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I think we’re all asking the questions. Is democracy failing? Has our democracy been hacked? How could that happen? What do we do about it? Are there other options? How do we let go of the patriarchy? If we do, can we really thrive in a democracy where everyone gets a say? Well, I’m not about to answer those questions for you. I am going to share something I’ve recently gotten to observe that proves to be a highly functional democracy where I see my little boy thriving every day. Even at home, he is thriving again after several years of struggle and resistance around the school and lots of other things, including not getting his way about something he wanted to do that us as parents did not. What he is experiencing at school, he is bringing home and teaching us how to better hear each other’s’ voices and take votes to make choices that best represent the desires of the group, while ensuring everyone’s ideas get recognized. It’s amazing how just being heard eases the realization that it’s not going your way this time, but it might the next time we have ideas and vote. 


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