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15 Social Media Strategies for Spur-of-the-Moment Engagements

posted by monicajenner66 5 months ago
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Strengthen your brand’s identity, increase your followers, boost engagement, and gain more social media friends. Let me guess that sounds like your some of your main business goals? Guess what, we can help you do that! We’re sharing our 15 best strategies for spontaneous social media engagement!

1. Be Personal And Conversational

Social media is all about being social (duh!). Make sure people can tell you’re a human and not an automated robot. Write in the way you would speak and don’t shy away from writing in the first-person perspective (“I”).

Tips for being personal and conversational:

  • Use people’s first names to acknowledge that they are real and not just another order number.
  • Use your first name and a friendly profile picture of yourself to show that you’re also a real human.
  • Don’t use acronyms, shorthand, or slang. Proper grammar and spelling show that you’re professional and serious. (Sorry, that means no LOL, OMG, THX!)
  • Read what people are saying about you and to you (see #10 below!).


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