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3 Tips to Condition Your Hair

Today, I give you guys 3 tips to condition your hair. I hope it can help you a lot.

1. Can I use a comb to tide my curly hair?

If you want tide your curly hair, you can use your hand instead of using a comb, because the comb will destroy the shape of curly hair. If the hair is straight hair, you must use the special wig comb which is customized for wigs.

2. How to straighten the straight hair which is out of shape?

If you carelessly curve your straight hair, don’t use your hand straighten it up at full tilt. In that case, your hair will be broken off. And, if you are lazy to wash it, you can use a wet towel cover on your hair. It will be straightened after natural air drying.

3. How often should you wash your hair?

If you often wear the same wig, I recommend you to wash your hair once a week. Pay attention. You should use cool water to wash your hair, unless you want the hot water destroy the quality of your wig. Moreover, the hair can not be soaked in the water for a long time. Finally, you should put it in a cool dry place and let it dry by natural

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