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5 Hacks to Change Your Thinking

posted by monicajenner66 8 months ago
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The mind is a powerful, creative thing. If you don’t believe me, then ponder reality as you watch the thought-provoking movie Inception; or read a biography about the life of Steve Jobs; or observe the fascinating and unique architecture of Antoni Gaudi; or absorb yourself in the imaginary world of Harry Potter. People creatively use their minds to change our world, and your mind is not excluded!

Your thoughts can literally change the world - maybe just your own little corner, or perhaps the entire globe! Transform your inner monologue from boring and routine to complex and powerful. Change your thoughts and you’ll boost your relationships, work ethic, satisfaction, and joy.

But wait a minute, that sounds like a huge task: to literally transform the way I think? Yep, it’s not as simple as 2+2, but it’s also not as complex as [97146.517 x (5.723 + 0.937215)]2 either. One modification to your thoughts can inspire mega changes! But let’s begin with just one.

Change your think with one of these 5 awesome, but realistic, hacks.

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