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6 Tips to Prevent Your Hair from Tangling

posted by EasyVirginHair 4 months ago
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Nowadays,Hair knotting has become a confusing issue for those who always ask why my hair tangles and how to deal with these problem.Now i will share the best tips from our customers’ experience on how to detangle your hair and minimize knots.

1.Hair variety is key

First of all,it's significant to choose premium quality Peruvian straight hair for sale from EasyVirginHair.

2.Always condition your human hair extensions

 Never forget massage a generous amount of conditioner into your hair,which stay in the hair for a long time, leaving it smoother and less likely to tangle.

3.Deal with the tangling gently

You should also use your fingers first to gently detangle as much as you can.

4.Dry your human hair bundles

 Pat hair dry and gently squeeze excess water out of your tresses

5.Use a wide tooth comb

Using a wide tooth comb is a much better idea, trust me! Not only will it remove the tangles more efficiently, but you will also protect your straight Peruvian hair from being torn and damaged.

6.Care for your hair while sleeping

Speaking of sleeping, especially for straight hair with closure. We recommend to loosely braid your hair and tie with scrunchies before sleep, or tie your hair up in a loose bun.


Follow these ways and you will have smooth hair.

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