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7 ways to keep your apartment cool on hot summer days

Try a heat snorkeling system. Point a fan into a square of four cups filled with ice water and ice cubes. The cooler air in the cups has nowhere to go but out. Each night, refreeze the cubes and open the windows.

Open the windows at night and close them during the day. Open windows at night so that cooler night air is blowing in throughout your apartment in the evening and night. Leaving all interior doors open for circulation. Close the windows and blinds and curtains as soon as the sunlight hits your suite.

Use a combination of fans to create good air circulation. Blow hot air out by positioning a powerful exhaust fan near a window – but not so close that rain could damage the fan motor. Also, use oscillating fans placed near other windows to blow in fresh, cooler air. Use this fan combo only when outside temperatures are cooler than the inside of your apartment. This tends to be during the night or on overcast days. Read More

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