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Astrology natal charts useful in figuring out various aspects

The horoscope is like a photograph of the sky taken at the place and precise moment of your birth.

The calculation of your sky of birth, that is to say, your natal horoscope, corresponds to the determination of the positions of the planets of our solar system with respect to the Earth at the precise hour and minute of the first breath.Planetary positions are given on the tropical Zodiac (the zodiac of the seasons), that is the smaller zodiac from the great zodiac of stars named sidereal zodiac.

The 12 astrological houses are calculated from the ascendant (which corresponds to the first house, the house I). Astronomically, the ascendant corresponds to the projection of the terrestrial horizon (Eastern horizon) on the zodiac. The Ascendant sign is therefore the astrological sign that rises on the horizon (according to the direction of rotation of the Earth).

The map of the sky must always be clearly legible and display this information to allow the astrologer to interpret it correctly. But at the beginning, an astrologer is not required ! Some sites like offer free interpretation of the outline of the theme. Generally, this interpretation is very instructive and constitutes an excellent introduction to astrology and self-knowledge.

For getting your free birth chart analysis

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