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Do You know How to Wash Your Virgin Hair?

Many people who buy a wig will encounter such a problem that they don't know how to condition the hair? And you must know that even a best quality wig will disappoint you, if it is not washed properly. So, it is very necessary to wash your virgin hair correctly

1. Use the special wig comb (anti-static) to comb your hair

2. Soak the hair in the cool water for 5 to 10 minutes (if your soak the hair in the water for a very long time, the hair will be broken)

3. Wash the hair by your hand instead of washing machine

4. Choose 2-in-1 beauty shampoo; gently grab the hair with your hand (don't scrub hard the hair )

5. Clean the hair with clean water

6. Use the dry towel (2-3 pieces) to soak up the water on the wig (using hand to wring the hair or using washing machine to dry the hair by shake is forbidden)

7. Natural air drying instead of drying in the sun

8. Gently grasp the hair with your hand and comb it with a special wig comb after the wig dries up to 90 percent of the time

9. spray a bit (not too much) of hair oil on the clean hair, if you won’t regularly wear it

10. Cover the clean hair with a hairnet and put it into an airtight plastic bag, which has some small round holes; if you don't have such bag, you can put it into a normal plastic bag and use a needle to prick some holes

11. Keep in a dry place

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