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How to Distinguish Whether the Wig is Virgin Human Hair?

Nowadays, 100% human hair can be dyed and permed to make various hairstyles. If you are very particular about the quality of hair, 100% human hair is more suitable for you, because human hair does not easily knot and it can be used for a long time. But, 100% human hair is really expensive, so there are three ways to distinguish whether the hair you bought is 100% virgin human hair.

1. Draw one or two hair at random and burn it with a lighter. The burning hair will become a black pellet. If the black pellet becomes powder after you gently rub it, the hair is human hair. If the black pellet is hard and it can not be rubbed to become powder, the hair is synthetic hair.


2. The highest thermal resistance temperature of heat-resistant wig is from 180 degrees to 200 degrees, so you can take out a lock of hair from your wig and use straightener or curling iron to straighten or curl the hair with a high temperature of 220 degrees. If the hair is coke, the hair is heat-resistant wig instead of human hair.


3. There is a layer of chaff scale in the surface of human hair. The chaff scale is like a fish scale. As you touch the hair from the beginning to the end, it is very smooth. However, when you touch the hair from the end to the beginning, it is a little bit rough and it will make a sound like "Zi". That is a very easy and effective way to distinguish the human hair.

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