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Is it worth to repair broken iPhone?

Despite the high prices, iPhones seem to be created for replacement on a specific schedule. After a couple of years, the battery life begins to fade (and that’s assuming you didn’t drop the phone and crack the screen before then).

Even Apple’s extended guaranty only covers two years. Do you have to pay $649 — at least — for the latest iPhone every two years just to be sure you have a phone that still works? Not surely!

Almost all of us has been through the situation that a smartphone or a tablet is crushed. Depending on many factors, you have a big choice to take. This choice should also be made quickly because smartphones and tablets are necessary nowadays.

Does a new device mean a more significant device?

The answer to that question may seem very straightforward: “of course, renew it with a new better one”. But things are not that easy, unfortunately. The common myth that refers that new is always better is not true. For example, some new devices may be of broader screens which you do not like or heavier than older versions. Maybe a new device drains more battery than the old one which is essential to your daily use then makes you disturbed all the time. Perhaps you got used to your old device, and it would be challenging to start dealing with a new device. Also, there are many other cases which lead to the same conclusion: new is not always better.

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