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Know your success or failure in your life with help of Astrology natal charts

The sensation of being blocked is represented within the configuration wherein it is surrounded by wall space, which most likely forms the sq. in the birth chart. The development can symbolizes stress and pressure and can generate the feeling of low self-esteem.


Having a Grand Cross in a delivery chart may bring burden to some person especially at times when challenges or even problems arise mostly together within the same time. These challenges affect area to area of a person's life which are instead very difficult for a person to cope plan. But all of these will only test the individual's determination to solve these problems. He can eventually learn that these challenges bring him personal growth and energy, and develop in him methods to bring him back to a state in the life where peace and tranquility reigns.

Success or failure in life

With all the difficulties and the frustrations from constantly coping with them, the person with a Grand Mix on his free birth chart analysis will select wherever path he will take. He might either benefit from his experiences as well as solve the challenges, or he might just give up the fight as well as regret his actions for the rest of their life.

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