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Think outside the box with 3D geometric shapes usage in Web Design

posted by designpluzweb 10 months ago
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Now for a little history of Web Design . Once upon a time, the big digital trend was skeuomorphism – bless us. The idea was to imitate real life objects on digital interfaces. For example, you probably remember the notepad on the iPhone that looked like an actual notepad. While cool and clear, it didn’t feel modern enough. Then, Flat Design took over the web (Microsoft Windows 8 style) with minimalistic icons and strong color blocks with no reference to our actual world whatsoever it started showing up everywhere. While innovative, people got a bit lost. Finally, Google came out with Material design and brought some fresh perspective to geometric shapes, adding some shadows, motion and boldness to the geometric style.

Why the heck are we telling you this story? Because when Google flaps a wing the entire Web is shaken. And if they’re using geometric shapes, as should we. Visually, be ready to see more and more 3D geometric shapes in websites backgrounds and design support in general.  Why? Because Google (besides your mom) knows best

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