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When to buy, sell or hold the stocks

This has been a major concern, especially for beginners. Should he buy, sell or hold the stock? For how long he should hold? You won't always have time to consult your intraday tips expert or read lengthy research reports to make a decision. So what do you do? One simple trick is to look at the company's last two earnings reports. Increasing SalesIs the company growing its sales, and if so, is the sales growth real, or related to one-time events? This means you'll have to read the entire press release to both take-ups in what management said about the quarter, as well as look at the numbersImproving MarginsThe sales line is improving. Is its cost of goods sold line item, or its selling, general and administrative expense line on its income statement going up at a faster rate? This could also mean that the company is doing a poor job of managing its expenses. Management's discussion of the quarterly results will help you glean that information.There are several other factors also exist in the market through which you can solve your queries related to this article. You can browse stock market tips for intraday free for regular updates on stocks.

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