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Status Update on the 1st Democratic Free School in DFW


So much has happened in the last couple of months. As we have been talking with people in the community it has become obvious that we need to spend some time really sharing the message of democratic free education. So many people assume that we are a "charter school." Therefore, we made the decision to remove the word "school" from our name and became simply: Makarios Learning Community. And that is just what we are; a community learning together in a happy, relaxed environment.

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Makarios Community School - A Place for Everyone


One of best things about Makarios is the sense of community. Everyone knows each other, everyone helps each other, and everyone has a place in our school- except when they don’t, because they’re new. A prospective student’s trial week and a new student’s first few days can be some of the most interesting things to experience at Makarios, and it really solidifies the sense of community each and every time.

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