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Do Professional Courses Help In Your Career Growth?

posted by GAFAglobal 3 days ago

Professional qualifications are becoming increasingly popular in a wide range of industry sectors 

So, why study a professional course?

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5 Hiring Trends in the Accounting and Finance Profession

posted by GAFAglobal 4 days ago

Three recruitment experts pinpoint the top accountancy and finance skill sets employers need most in 2018 – and they say that professionals who are strong in IT are in hot demand.

2018 is a good time to be looking for work in accounting and finance. A strong economy is fueling an appetite for hiring across the country, says Andrew Brushfield, Victoria and Western Australia director at recruitment agency Robert Half.

“Accounting is a great industry to get into. It doesn’t matter if companies are reporting numbers that are red or black or big or small, they still have to report numbers. The good news is a lot of companies are seeing growth.”

Finance skills in Demand

The Evolving CFO Role

Employers Seeking IT Skills

Work-Life Balance for Finance Professionals

Attracting Millennial Employees

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Global Career Opportunities From Studying Finance!

posted by GAFAglobal 20 days ago

With the massive growth of international business, there is a huge demand for individuals with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of global markets. Let’s see what some of your career options for commerce students after 12th  on these job markets are.

1.  Sales manager

2.    Management analyst/consultant

3.     International trader

4.     Finance controller

5.     Business development manager

he world is your oyster! Sign up for one ofthe best finance courses after 12th designed by NSE Academy and EIDOS.


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