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Why I choose brazilian straight hair for my daughter

Back to school season is coming and I would like to buy my daughter a gift which represents a new beginning. I racked my brains and finally choose Brazilian straight hair for my daughter. You may be surprised at my gift, hereby I would like to share something that why I  choose Brazilian straight hair for my daughter.

As for me, the best weave texture for African American hair is Brazilian hair. Brazilian hair is natural black and can match well with skin color. Secondly, I love the hair texture of Brazilian hair, which meet people needs of restyling such as bleaching, curling, and coloring. However, I believe that my daughter will not restyle this hair because she has a crush on the straight hairstyle. Thinly, straight hair is easy-manageable compared to curly hair. I hope my daughter can focus on her study instead of spending too much time in taking care of hair. I teach her how to take care of her hair in daily time, and I will also take her to the salon to have a deep conditioner

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Why choose Malaysian hair bundles

When we go to a salon for hairstyle changing, we need to discuss hair options with the stylist. As for me, I would like to show them the beautiful hairstyle which were browsed on the internet and asked them how can I make it. If we show them the following pictures, the stylist may advise us to have Malaysian hair bundles.

They draw a conclusion that why choose Malaysian hair bundles:

  1. Hair is thickness

Malaysian weave has great texture and volume compared to Indian hair, Brazilian hair, and Peruvian hair. When we walk on the street, it is easy to find out Malaysian hair bundles because they come with a silky and lustrous look.

  1. Curls can last for a long time

Girls who fond of curly hairstyle as you can rock everywhere from the office to your tropical vacation with curly wavy such as Malaysian deep wave hair. The curls of Malaysian hair will maintain their original form for the entire time. If you always complain about that your curls have been lost its original wavy, try Mal

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Do you like straight hair or curly hair

posted by Meetuhair 4 months ago
tags: virgin hair vendors human hair

When we go to the salon, it is a question that which hairstyle we would like to have. Straight or curly hair? Don't worry, today we Meetuhair will help you choose out the best answer.

Straight hair

Straight hair looks very appealing with proper grooming under sunshine. It's natural black shiny fits black community very well. School students or busy office lady like this easy-manageable hairstyle very much. It makes them look young and charming, and loving.  It also allows for multiple hairstyles. You can cut it into popular short bob hair or wear your hair up into ponytail or braid. Hair can last for at least 6-12 months with good care. Brazilian straight hair extensions are most popular hairstyle in term of its natural color and standard quality with favorable price.

Curly hair

Girls who fond of curly hair can rock everywhere from the office to your beach vacation.  You can be a shinny queen in a party or a romantic sexy star on the beach with your unique curly wave. Recommend you

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3 reasons why choose malaysian hair bundles

posted by Meetuhair 4 months ago
tags: malaysian hair bundles

Recently, we find that more are more woman are fond of malaysian hair bundles. According to data from our clients, we sum up 3 reasons why choose malaysian hair bundles. It is related to hair quality, versatility and maintenance.

 Hair quality

compared to other hair extension such as brazilian hair, India hair, Malaysian hair is luxurious hair because of its shiny look.  Malaysian hair is known as much coarser than other type hair , which is typically quite simple and low maintenance for Malaysian Virgin hair. When you wear malaysian hair weaves, the glossy and healthy hair qualities make you stay young and energetic.


Once you buy straight hair bundles, you can change it pattern into curls if you like. Malaysian hair texture is strong enough to be curled and dyed under professional guidance. You can apply heat which boosts natural volume and vibrancy of your hair (iron flat exceed 150C may damage hair). However, Malaysian curling waves is a very popular option among cel

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Why people prefer virgin hair extension

You may have too many factors to take into consideration as follows: where can I buy virgin hair extensions? Why are pattern types suitable for me? Will hair extensions damage or ruin my natural hair? Okay, people prefer virgin hair extension just for the reasons that human hair is common  seen nowadays and can be installed easily.

Where to buy

For African beauty local, some may find hair weave stores or shop online. Buy hair products in shop allow you touch real items, on the other hand, shop online has more choices and you may shop around according to reviews. No matter which way you choose, hair products is convenient for you buy.

How to choose

People always choose right hair from color and pattern. It is significant to verify extensions before buying it. People always choose right hair from color and pattern. As for hairstyles, there are mainly six patterns in a popular market: cheap deep wave hair, body wave, curly hair wave, straight hair, water wave and loose wave. As for bl

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