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Why You Should Be Thankful To Each Other As A Partner |

posted by Vivahsanyog 11 hours ago
tags: thankful to your life partner

Marriage is a pious relationship which needs complete dedication and effort from both the side as a bridge of relationship cannot be built from only one side. You get into this relationship since you require somebody to be with you for the duration of your life and in all high and low tides. Be that as it may, following a couple of years of marriage you begin disregarding your accomplice and his/her endeavor.


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4 Points Which A Woman Should Keep In Mind While Choosing The Life Partner |

For the Indian parents the most challenging task which comes in front of them, when as per of the social norms and social rules their child becomes of marriageable age, is to find a suitable life partner for their child who will understand him/her, will be always together, and many other aspects they expect and want to have in their son-in-law or daughter-in-law. But as a person, the preferences also gets added for the desired life partner as compared to the parents’ preferences, but if you have found that partner then you should feel the luckiest person on earth at that moment and every coming lovely and happy moments. But it is also important to find out how that best person should be like, if you are getting confused over such topics and situation where you have to decide either you should marry this person or not, then to help you we are here, where we will tell you those things which you should definitely look into that person to whom your parents have chosen for you, and

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10 Ways To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage Without Hurting Their Emotions

posted by Vivahsanyog 4 days ago
tags: love marriage convince parents

The idea of love marriage is still a problem for our Indian parents. They don't feel comfortable and happy with the love marriages and they still believe in traditional arrange marriage. There are many young girls and boys who believe in arrange marriages. There is no problem in arrange marriage, as long as they are happy. But the problem arise, when a couple believes in love marriage, as they are deeply in love with each other. But their parents still believe in old way of choosing their life partner through arrange marriage. If you are facing this problem, please you donnot need to worry. We will help you find the ways of convincing your parents happily without hurting them.

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Those Statements Which Can Break Your Rock Solid Marriage |

posted by Vivahsanyog 5 days ago
tags: marriage break marriage problems

Marriage does bring change in everyone's life and after some span of time; it just brings change, either in a positive way or in a negative part that just depends on you two. How you both are trying your best to make the marriage of your rock solid, your way of making each other feel loved, happy, secure, and trusted. But, there are thousands of circumstances come into existence as an exam of your marriage and that point the real truth of your partner and your relationship come which tell you and let you know where your marriage stands, and you know what, many times you and your words use to be the reason behind the breakdown of the nervous system of your marriage. Today, we will talk about all those sentences you should never say to your life partner, if you really want have love and respect for your partner and marriage, as mostly the statements are the reason behind the separation or breaking marriages, from which everyone should stay away always using. Ok! So let's start.

To Rea

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5 Signs That You Are In A Wrong Relationship |

posted by Vivahsanyog 7 days ago
tags: wrong relation wrong relationship

Many people stay in a relationship but they do not know whether they are in a true relationship or in a wrong one and if you are facing this dilemma then this blog dear is off course for you which will help you and let you know whether you are in a right relationship or not.

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4 Mistakes Which Newlyweds Do After Getting Hitched

After taking the marriage vows and enjoying the celebration the main phase starts, where both of you starts your new life with each other together, after coming from the honeymoon the actual part of the marriage start where you reach & the ground and, to make the foundation of your relationship strong, you have to start working from the basic and to achieve this both the partner have to work hard on their partnership because from now onwards they are severe things which you have to handle and as a newlywed if you begin, then you the chances of making the relationship successful</a> would be in the favour of yours. In here, we will discuss some important points which will act as like wonderful tips for the newlywed life betterment.

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3 Important Tips To Come Out From An Abusive Relationship |

posted by Vivahsanyog 9 days ago
tags: vivahsanyog relation relationship


It is very good and important to give time and proper attention to your relationship because it is all up to you to lead a relationship in a happy and serene way but if you have put so much effort to make the relationship of yours successful but still you are facing so much abuse and domestic violence. After bearing continuous pain a time comes when it becomes worthless to give any so-called second chance to the partner in order to save the relationship. Because an abusive relationship becomes worthless when it comes to an end after going through the bitter time and phase, but for the sake of your own life as an individual it is very important to get out of such relationship and start living a free, fresh, and happy life in complete tranquility. Here we will give some valuable tips to come out of the abusive relationship in order to save your life and yourself.

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4 Fears Which Comes To The Mind Before Getting Married


When your parents start searching for the groom and the bride, that is the time when as per them and everyone, you are in marriageable age which might bring some storm of thoughts to your mind imagining the future with that person whom you do not know and have never seen or met before, lots of thoughts use to flow inside the brain which with butterflies give tension. Today will talk about all those fears and thoughts which encounters with passing time when your wedding day is only a few days away

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Why You Need Matchmaking Service To Search Your Desired Partner

A standout amongst the most critical part of looking through an appropriate and impeccable life accomplice is immaculate matchmaking. At personized administrations offered by, we give customized and singular support of effective matchmaking all over India. We have prepared and exceptionally proficient relational arrangers, who might enable you to look through your ideal life to accomplice. is one of the best matrimonial site in India, where you can choose from a wide range of databases for both indian brides and grooms. We are top marriage bureau in India.


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Things You Should Think Before Getting Married |

posted by Vivahsanyog 1 month ago
tags: marriage wedding before marriage

If you are searching for your desired partner or have already searched, the next step obviously would be the wedding, which is a great decision before taking which you should do introspection to check whether you are ready to get married or not, here are some important things which you should have idea and knowledge of before getting married, especially in an arranged marriage you should ask for some time to think over the decision of getting married to the person your parents have chosen for you.

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