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10 Advantages of Online Boat Auctions


10 Advantages of Online Boat Auctions

  1. You display a clear signal to buyers of a genuine intention to sell
  2. You attract more potential buyers to invest time and effect into your boat
  3. You have a set Advertising campaign leading to a logical conclusion – the Online Auction
  4. You have a dominant and controlling position to set the terms and the reserve price on your boat
  5. You have time until the Auction day or the final bid is received to decide on a reserve price
  6. You eliminate the biggest turnoff for interested buyers – a disclosed price
  7. It is possible to get a higher than expected price due to competition between bidders
  8. You achieve a conclusive result – the winning bidder is required to pay the deposit and execute an Unconditional Contract of Sale
  9. Assurance of a safe transaction – All monies received are held in escrow for your protection
  10. You receive liquid cash benefits, sale proceeds credited to you within 5 working days from settlement
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Turbo Charge Your Offers with an Online Boat Auction

posted by boatassist 14 days ago
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If you’re thinking about how to sell your boat faster and your boat is new to the market, then you might like to consider an Online Boat Auction to sell your boat in a tight market. This might just be the smart sales move you’re looking for.

Marketing your boat without a price in any boat market

If your boat is new to the market, a four-week intensive marketing campaign without indicating a price, then followed by a 7-day global online boat auction, might just be the right way to turbo-charge your ‘sell your boat faster’ masterplan!

The traditional method of selling your boat is to exclusively list your boat with the boat broker that indicate they are able to achieve the highest sale price.  However, this approach may be contributing to an illiquid or slow boat market in Singapore and other regions.  Many boats are still on the market with no enquiries and no offers a year, or more, later.

An alternative to the traditional brokerage model is to market your boat without a pric

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5 Remarkable Benefits of Yacht Chartering You Should Know


The image of soaking up the sun with a good book in hand, and a cold drink in the other, on your own private yacht, is very appealing! Forking out vast sums of money to own your own boat may not be as attractive. Charter Yacht Singapore just may be the perfect solution.

Here are a few reasons to start planning your charter trip now:

  1. Tailor-made
  2. The world is your Oyster
  3. Yacht selection
  4. Budget options
  5. Added benefits

Read the full article here: Benefits of Yacht Chartering

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Chartering a Yacht? 4 Important Tips to Consider


You don’t have to own a boat to enjoy a day out at sea, Charter Yacht Singapore is an excellent option that can introduce you to the joys of boating, and who knows, might convince you to invest in one of your own.

Here are some things to think about before chartering:

  • Budget
  • Purpose/Duration of the charter
  • Crew or no crew?
  • Type of Charter vessels:

Read full article here: Chartering a Yacht?

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My Boat Sale Didn’t Reach Reserve at the Online Boat Auction – What’s Next?

Selling a boat faster

The potential to Sell your boat faster is one of the appealing features of an Online Boat Auction.  There is a lot of hope and expectation of a faster sale than with the traditional brokerage model.  The online boat auction has a certainty of outcome with market feedback in a 6-8-week fixed time frame.

So, it can be disappointing when the bid price doesn’t go high enough during the 7-day online boat auction.

Read More: Didn’t Reach Reserve at the Online Boat Auction

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Boats for Sale Singapore

Boats for Sale Singapore

Online Boat Auctions are a useful and smart resource when you’re looking for a Boats for Sale Singapore.  Genuine value and Quality Boats are Available Every Month.

Boat owners who are genuine and serious about selling their boats register their interest to sell with us.

Here’s 3 ways BASCO can help you in your search for a Boat for Sale Singapore

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How to Effectively Paint a Boat Hull

painting-boat-hull-1200x675Nature’s elements will not go easy on a poorly painted boat hull. Seawater alone will destroy a badly painted hull and can strip away the paint. Not only is it aesthetically important to have a well-painted hull but it will also extend the lifespan of your boat.

Read More:   How to Paint a Boat Hull

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How to Clean Your Boat Vinyl


Vinyl tends to be very popular in today’s world and can be found pretty much anywhere on a boat; boat seats, Interior Furnishings, upholstery and so forth. This petroleum-based plastic is popular thanks to its strength and resistance to dirt, soil and water – hence making it a great material to use.  However, boat maintenance always should include cleaning your vinyl on a regular basis.

Here is some tips on How to Clean Your Boat Vinyl in tip-top shape:

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Expedition Yacht for Sale? The Benefits of Expedition Yachts

the-benefits-of-expedition-yachts-1-1 If you have seen an expedition yacht for sale you may have been wondering exactly what the benefits of these types of boats are.

Owning an expedition yacht comes with certain advantages; these self-sufficient ships propel images of possible adventures that have taken place at sea and give access to far corners of the earth. However, do not be fooled by the rugged distinctive exterior, as the seemingly gross façade hides the sophistication and elegance of its interiors. They can be hard on the outside but are definitely sweet on the inside.

If you are considering an expedition Yacht for Sale Singapore, it is worth reviewing the certain benefits of a sturdy boat compared to the smooth lines of the traditional motor yacht, such as:

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How to Sell Your Boat


Is Online Boat Auctions suitable for you?

There are two reasons why boats don’t sell: price and awareness. BASCO and Marine Auctions’ marketing process eliminates price as an objection because the vessel is always marketed without a price.

Traditional brokers will usually wait for buyers to approach them, with our partnership we focus on generating awareness while you choose the level of marketing activity you require. Obviously with greater awareness, a higher price will be achieved.

We have a range of marketing and awareness building campaigns and will work with you to determine the most appropriate campaign to promote your boat. All extra advertising costs are paid prior to commencing the selected marketing campaign.

Learn More: How to Sell Your Boat

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