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Five Things to Do to Prepare Your Boat for Sale in Singapore

posted by boatassist 14 days ago
tags: Boat for Sale in Singapore

While it’s about as cliché as boat sayings get, this one certainly has some truth to it: “The two happiest days of boat ownership are the day you buy it, and the day you sell it.” And if you’re getting into the selling game, then prepping your boat to sell as quickly as possible—and for as much money as possible—is the name of the game. Whether it’s polishing and waxing your hull, or cleaning out all of your junk-packed stowage lockers, there’s work to be done before you officially list your pride and joy for sale.

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Available Boats for Sale in Singapore

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Boat Buyers Services “Looking for a boat but don’t know where to start?”

posted by boatassist 25 days ago
tags: Boat Buyers Services

No matter if you are dreaming of a boat, trying to decide if a boating lifestyle if right for you and your family, or you are currently searching, you’re in exactly the right place.

Because if you want complete confidence in any boating lifestyle purchase decision, we help aspiring boating families enjoy a unique lifestyle experiencing memories of a lifetime without the complicated stress and high fees of brokers.

Take a look where you’re at on the boating lifestyle journey, below. Then book a call here to talk with your independent and trusted boating expert, obligation free.

BASCO Trusted and Independent Advice That Takes Risk and Uncertainty Out of Boat Ownership.

Learn More: Boat Buyers Services

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Learn How to Buy A Boat With Complete Confidence

posted by boatassist 1 month ago
tags: How to Buy A Boat

The BASCO Boat Ownership Masterclass Series™ for BoatDeciders, Boat Dreamers and Boat Searchers. How to Buy a Boat – BASCO Boat Buying Masterclass. Attention all boating enthusiasts who are considering buying a boat.

  • Are you new to boating or new to boating in Asia?
  • Thinking about whether a boat is a good idea or not for you and your family?
  • Need a structured and thorough walkthrough of what it takes to own a boat?
  • Looking to avoid the pitfalls and perils in Year 1 of boat ownership?

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Boats for Sale Singapore

posted by boatassist 1 month ago
tags: Boats for Sale Singapore

Boats For Sale Singapore «

Online Boat Auctions are a useful and smart resource when you’re looking for Boats for Sale Singapore.  Genuine value and Quality Boats are Available Every Month.

Boat owners who are genuine and serious about selling their boats register their interest to sell with us.

Here are 3 ways BASCO can help you in your search for a Boat for Sale


We can introduce you to boats that didn’t reach reserve at an Online Boat Auction and are genuinely and seriously for sale.


We have a database in excess of 500,000 and we can source your desired boat and bring it to an Online Boat Auction for negotiation.


Outside of our Online Boat Auctions, we offer a Free independent Buyers Advisory Service to help you choose the boat that best suits your needs and your budget.

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Skippering Services Singapore

posted by boatassist 1 month ago
tags: Skippering Services Singapore

Boat, Yacht Skippering Services: We provide excellent skippering services at SIM for your yachting pleasure.

Our team of highly experienced skippers know how to captain and manage a vessel and ensure a smooth, hassle-free and safe experience for you.

Request a custom offer with your requirements and we'll get back to you with a quote!

Service Details:  Skippering Services Singapore


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posted by boatassist 2 months ago
Trusted and Independent Advice that takes Risk and Uncertainty out of Boat Ownership in Asia. services for boat buyers Services throughout the Boat Buyers Journey to Boat Ownership:
  • Identifying the right boat for your needs and budget
  • Boat buying research and boat locate services
  • Shortlist and boat review service
  • Should You Buy This Boat? service
  • Boat purchase negotiation services
  • Contract and boat purchase documentation services
  • Taking delivery of your boat services.

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Project Management Service in Langkawi

posted by boatassist 2 months ago
tags: Project Management Service Langkawi

Project Management Service: Through our Yacht Management and Project Management divisions we provide not only knowledge on the latest developments in construction materials, techniques and equipment (steel, aluminium, carbon fibre), but also include budget monitoring, compliance, safety management (SMS), registration and seeking the most appropriate Yacht insurance as well as solid recommendations based on hard-earned experience on repair, maintenance and yard periods logistics, refit planning and crew administration. Whatever your Yacht Management/Project Management needs, our specialist team are capable of addressing them with unparalleled expertise.

Getting a (new to you) boat ready for your use can be a time consuming and frustrating process in Asia and elsewhere. We can plan your project, advise on the best solutions, acquire and install most equipment required.

This service is particularly beneficial if you are away from the boat and need work done in your absence.

Read The

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How to Price Out a Boat Properly and Fairly

posted by boatassist 2 months ago
tags: Boat Dealers Singapore
Price Out a Boat Properly and Fairly: As the saying goes, “Money makes the world go round”. Well in this case, price (and awareness) is what will make your boat sail off into the sunset. It’s a tricky predicament when pricing your boat: ask too much and you won’t have many people interested but if you ask too little then buyers will wonder if there is something wrong with it! Price Compare An essential part of pricing is doing your research properly to find out what is available in the market. Online research is very effective as you are exposed to a large number of vessels worldwide, however a more local approach is also necessary so best to talk to Boat brokers, Boat Dealers Singapore and your yachty friends in the marina to evaluate a fair price. Most importantly, make sure you are dealing with a comparative boat that is the same model, year, brand and so forth; compare apples with apples. Once you have a vessel with similar specifications then the only real difference is the continue reading
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Professional Diving Services in Singapore

Professional Diving Services: Our professional, commercial dive teams are available for any underwater boat maintenance. Whether you need barnacle removal, zinc replacement, propeller repair or any other submerged maintenance to your yacht or dock, one call is all that is necessary.

Once an initial service has been completed our dive teams can perform regular monthly maintenance to insure your running smooth.

Read More: Professional Diving Services

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How to repair a boat floor

posted by boatassist 3 months ago
tags: Repair A Boat Floor Boat Floor Repair

How-to-repair-a-boat-floor-980x405Repeated exposure to the elements, especially water, tends to wreak havoc on boat floors. When boat floors show signs of having a soft or spongy texture then it is an indication of possible rot. Luckily, replacing them can be done relatively easily and quickly, allowing you to be back on the water in no time.

Items needed – circular saw, epoxy, fiberglass mat, floor covering or carpet, power drill, plywood

Read The Full Article Here:  How to repair a boat floor

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