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Ways How Test Automation Can Help Organizations in Retail Digital Transformation

How will test automation enhance the chances here for your retail digital transformation

Enhanced Speed with Low Costs

As the digital market is dynamic in nature, it requires constant updating of your retail landscape. Every digital retail business must conduct a performance test to make sure that they don’t miss anything major in the market. The audience is always the priority and one must serve them in order to stay in the business.With automation, you can easily workout with the flaws in the digital platform of your retail business. This gives you enhanced speed to work things out. The testing cycles will naturally increase as per the development cycle. Test automation is often preferred by majority of performance testing services reduces the repetitive test times significantly which enable you to cater shorter delivery times with decreased yield costs.

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10 Golden Principles To Be An Awesome QA

Assuring the best product quality is one of the easiest, yet the best approach for retaining the customers for a long period. Ensure that the manufactured product is being used by the targeted audience.

Here are some of the principles for an awesome QA:

1. Apply Effective Practices

With a compelling QA testing practice, the cost of SDLC can be decreased. This is because QA testing necessitates that the software complies with the pre-determined standards and requirements; which is a major stipulation in the advancement of the life critical products.

2. Assure a Suitable Practice for the Development of Software

How you can accomplish quality likewise relies upon what strategy you utilize for the software development. For instance, in scrum you might test the majority of your iteration later, they are complete assuring that every piece of software is separately tested and after that…

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A Comprehensive Guide To Testing Installers & What To Look For While Testing Installation Programs

Installation plan needs to be tested before making it available for operation in order to avoid problems. This becomes very important when installation is to be performed on systems where every second of idle time leads to loss of funds and reputation, for example, financial or banking applications. Hence, for ensuring software quality with installation testing becomes one of the most important tasks.

 Benefits associated with testing installers. 

  • Involves close interaction with the operating system and is dependent upon it for the libraries, registry, files
  • Convenient to use due to its instinctive interface, messages and navigation
  • Design of the installation application

 Along with the benefits, it is very important to consider the risks associated if the installers do not operate correctly. Check what these  risks are....

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Major Challenges of UAT & Solution To Overcome Those Obstacles

The main aim of the user acceptance testing is to execute and test whether the system or product completes all the business and user requirements in terms of security, reliability and easy accessibility. UAT executes well over the multiple platforms and is localized for multiple regions.

There are a lot of queries that are best answered with UAT:

What we are trying to attain with implemented features?In which way the end user will communicate/use the application?What features are useful for the end user to fulfill their needs?Polished way to examine the user needs and demands

Both employment and business depend upon the competence of needs. Professionals must target themselves to the software success by extracting and executing the product requirements.

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Hire Certified Installation Testing Service Provider from India

We provide quality oriented installation testing  services in India and worldwide. We offer our full cycle of QA services to an array of verticals. Installation testing services ensures your application gets installed faster and ultimately/effortlessly leads to happy customers. 

So, to know how your application will work according to your set standard, do Call Us and Request Free Consultation here -


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How to perform Automation Testing of APIs using Postman?

A software system implementing an API consists of various functions and sub-routines which can be executed by another software system. API testing is totally different from GUI testing. It basically concentrates on the business logic layer of the software architecture. In API Testing, you use software to send calls to the API, get output, and note down the system's response.

How to perform Automation Testing of APIs using Postman?

Following criteria detailing the process, to perform automation software testing of APIs by using Postman:

* First, install ‘POSTMAN’ add on in Google Chrome.

* Open Postman.

* Click on ‘Create New Collection’ button, fill details and Click ‘Create’ button.

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Some important points that need to be considered before outsourcing User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

In many organizations, the customers, users and software developers face technical problems while using these platforms to check the functional behavior of the software. To keep themselves away from these types of circumstances, many enterprises choose the testing services provided by IT Consultants.

Important points that need to be considered are:

  • Set up objectives to engage with UAT(User Acceptance Testing) vendors: The most important goal of organization to choose the vendor who has expertise in testing. During the commencement of project, organizations plan targets and goals for UAT vendors. 
  • Determining tendency and metrics: Determining the information about issues, progress in testing by analyzing the test reports to know the genuine productivity.  

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How Installation Testing Can Benefit Your Enterprise

When do we perform Installation Testing?

  • Software version has been upgraded or downgraded
  • Re-installed an application to remove the encountered problems
  • A new application is launched that is related to a family of applications
  • Removal of an existing application
  • New version of the application environment is installed

Installation testing makes use of installers for testing process. Most of the installers work by questioning and modifying the installation configuration depending upon user responses. A unique tree structure must be created to cater all the possible options that are available to the users, thereby covering all possible paths of installation process.

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Important Aspects To Increase The Quality of Product Through Software Testing

The area of software quality is complex and from the last few years it has significantly enhanced the value of QA service providers as well. The main aim behind this is that the organizations have started making use of existing technologies in their development process.

Here is the list of aspects that can help in improving quality of software:

Flexibility and Extensibility: Flexibility means the capability of the software to improve, change or remove the functionality without making damage to the existing system.

Practicality and Readability: Practicality is somewhat similar to flexibility, yet it stresses upon the alterations regarding minor function and error corrections changes, which are not main functional extensibilities.

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6 Critical Skills You Must Have to Be A Great QA & Software Tester

Testing is a quite challenging process and this keeps you updated regarding the changes in a project and requirements. Besides, your convenient sources are important to make the product even better.

Have a look at the methods for upgrading your software testing skills:

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