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Emerging Trends in Software Testing For 2018

As a tester you know about latest trends of testing, if not; you might be curious about these. Software testing is one of the most effective methods of improving the overall quality of software for long period of time. This functioning has been changed over the years and now it is mandatory for the QA testers to know about the emerging trends in software testing in 2018. 

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How To Overcome Challenges Encountered While Doing Automation Testing

Automation testing is a vital part of software testing. The organizations can speed up the software testing procedure and enlarge the area of execution by using the services of this type of testing.

With regards to the execution of automation testing, manual testers might face many difficulties. In case, if such issues are not addressed properly, there is a good possibility that software testing might get failed.


Tester is an intermediator between the developer and customer. In case he misses out any defect while doing testing and that defect is detected by the customer, he is then accountable for each clarification of a defect that isn’t yet fixed, not the developer who developed the software.

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How Businesses Are Getting Benefits From Big Data Testing?

The accurate information must be properly analyzed and efficiently presented. Therefore, it helps the businesses in accomplishing objectives.What do you mean by Big Data?In simple words, a big data is a combination of all the tools and processes which is related to using and managing large sets of data. This concept will help you in understanding trends, patterns and preferences in a huge database created when the individuals connect with various systems and each other. With the big data, businesses can make use of data analysis and figure out the most valuable customers. As such, businesses can make new products, services, and experiences.

If you want to take the advantage of the generated big data, businesses are focusing on testing them. Some of the advantages of Big Data Testing are described in the article.

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Enhancing Software Quality With Exploratory Testing!

Exploratory testing is termed as synchronized learning, test design, and test execution. 

When to Do It

This type of testing is beneficial in all of the cases where the testing situations can’t be determined in advance, similar to the succeeding cases:

  • When the product is in an early stage of development when the system is not steady.
  • When you must give speedy feedback on the product quality in a short time span.
  • When you need to discover the degree and varieties of deformity that is found.
  • When the scripted tests are not recognizing numerous errors.

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Let explore the types of requirements for testing with these easy to follow ideas | Bugraptors

Let throw some light on these types of requirements for testing: explicit, implicit, latent requirements. The process to test these requirements is the most difficult out of the 3 types of requirements, because these requirements cannot be easily thought of by the testers, and are generally first encountered when the application comes in testing phase. 

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Executing Automation Test Using Selenium | Know in brief detail

Test automation is a strategy for running repeatable tests alongside a software application. In the age of extremely responsive or interactive software applications where numerous organizations practice some form of agile technology, automation test is generally a necessity for the software projects.

There are several benefits to automation test. Most of them are associated with repeatability of the tests and the speed at which tests must be implemented. Automation test is specifically of great interest as it is efficient in saving time that in turn leads to cost savings. Manual testing necessitated required measure of time for validating a full-blown application prior a choice to organize is made. In case, automated test scripts are prepared to run for the application, it takes a couple of minutes to finish tests and decision for application disposition is made faster.

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Impact of Emphasized Automation in Continous Integrationg

Software systems are an integral part of life from business applications to consumer products. Quality has become a major paradigm these days. Software testing itself is a vast area to be classified. Primarily, testing can be performed in two ways; either manually or automated testing. It is very crucial to decide when to choose manual or automation testing during software development to ensure quality meeting project constraints. Hence, latest deployment methods are required to provide well-functioning software in production as frequent as possible. This is where Continuous Integration and continuous deployment comes into use.

What is CI/CD?

It means continual integration of the code to the relevant branch of working project. It implies that "integration tests" are run at every code change while Continuous Delivery means that every change that passes tests are automatically deployed.

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Mobile Application Testing Strategies for Cloud Devices

Mobile apps, however basically worked to be used on mobile devices, can likewise be retrieved on other platforms. This cross-platform user-friendliness and succeeding ease of use has additionally been a major feature in its volatile development. 

As a sole ideal testing technique does not exist, every distinctive testing strategy has its own impediments regarding costs, quality of testing and complete time taken. It is perpetually turned out to be imperative to implement a testing strategy that involves many diverse testing techniques.

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Increased demands of Software Quality Assurance in Communications Industry

Numerous challenges are being faced by communication industry such as identifying better revenue streams, finding ways to deal with declining margins, focusing on innovation, making the services available all the time. Industrial growth largely depends upon technology, but lot of efforts and planning is to be invested to make the technology work for users and the market.

Major areas where Communications Industry needs Software Quality Assurance

  1. Support to Businesses: Network inventory, service assurance, fault management, system stock are the most critical and demanding areas of the telecom industry. Support management systems are responsible for the operation of end-to-end telecommunication services. These systems are stacked with information data and right output ensures smooth operation of processes. QA tests the frameworks and software producing the correct output.

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Jenkins: Tutorial for Beginners

posted by bugraptors 8 months ago

Jenkins is a very famous open source tool that performs continuous integration and delivery of projects. Nowadays most of the software companies use/integrate Jenkins into large number of deployment and testing technologies. The role of the Jenkins is to test and build the software continuously making it easier to identify the changes in the project. To read more click here

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