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Much awaited Features of latest iOS version 11.0

The new version of iOS '11.0' released in September 2017 and it has been one of their biggest update. All new features has improvised the feel of iPad and made the use of iPhone even more easier. There are a number of features to explore like The Photos to explore more: This application now brings more features to the Live Photos. The movies now will automatically align as per the portrait and landscape orientation. Memory types like pets, weddings, sporting events, babies etc. have been introduced. Now, it will also support Animated GIF and many more features also.


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Steps you have to go for the Security Testing of the Mobile Application - BugRaptors

After creation of any product the main concern is its Marketing, Productivity, Maintenance and the most important thing is its security.

What if you have analyzed the every possible thing to make your product most efficient but there is no plan for its security?

So, the need of the hour is how we can make sure that our Application is secure from the vulnerable attacks, how we can be more confident about the security of our product?

When you have done with all quality assurance steps you have to go for the Security Testing of the application. Security testing can ensure you that your product is free from the attacks from hackers and Spammers and the risk of loss of information is minimum.

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How Mobile Game Testing Different from Regular Mobile Application Testing

I’ve been testing mobile games for the past four years with Bugraptors and I’ve realized that doing so requires specific skills.

The difference between regular mobile applications and mobile games impacts test plans strategies. Games are more unpredictable than ordinary mobile applications, since they invite users to act unpredictably. When testing a game, you have to anticipate a player’s behavior.

When testing a mobile app, you have to make sure that your app is easy to use and works well across multiple devices.

Mobile game testing combines those two requirements, which makes it more challenging.

What Parts of My Mobile App Should I Test?

A mobile gaming app prioritizes certain functions that regular mobile apps either need less of or don’t need at all. These are the parts of your app that you’ll be checking as you test.

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Technological trends in software testing in 2018 - Bugraptors

Trends like adopting newer test automation tools & practices and DevOps are found to be usually followed, which in turn has resulted to increase in automation being performed on various web applications. While some tools are still facing issues like managing the environments as well as test data, shortened release schedules and lack of time for proper testing.

  1. Working together with manual & automation tools: It’s true that automating every single thing sounds like interesting and easy for everyone for once, but, in reality it is automation makes it difficult to face challenges in complex test environments and data and ever shortening delivery cycles. At this place manual testing comes handy. Hence, merging the manual & automation testing practices have always proven to be really useful. The ability of getting integrated easily with the DevOps tool chains have proven to be the most crucial feature of automation tools which is mostly in demand these days. Most of the open-source and f
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Selenium WebDriver Framework for API Testing

Selenium Based Automation Regression Suite: Selenium framework is a data driven solution which consists of i) Java based Driver scripts ii) Frameworks methods created as per method types of APIs.

Benefits of Selenium Framework

1. Selenium framework takes considerably less time to prepare test data or to validate each scenario in comparison to manual testing.

2. It is easy to develop the Selenium framework and the test cases can be maintained effortlessly.

3. It is possible to integrate the Selenium framework with Continuous Integration(CI) build deployment process.

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12 Top Cyber Security Trends to Watch Out!

Take a look at the top cyber security trends that will be seen in 2018:

1. IoT Attacks on Rise

Currently, there are around 8 billion IoT devices that are connected to the Internet. According to a survey, it has been predicted that this number will rise up to 12 billion in the next year and 20 billion by 2020.

2. Increase in Ransonware Attacks

Ransomware is a growing threat from the last few years. In the year 2017, Ransomware attacks gained much more public awareness like WannaCry attacks. According to a recent survey, Ransomware attacks are likely to become more sophisticated in 2018 targeting high net worth corporations and individuals. 

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Want To Become An Expert Game Tester? Skills That You Must Possess!

Game testing is very much similar to software testing process and is done for quality control of video games. The main aim behind this is detection and certification of bugs in the game codes.

Why it is so important?

Right from the point of your prototype, video game is set after production and here the testing phase initiates. The role of the game developer is dependent on the wants and recommendations supplied by the game tester. The responsibilities of a game tester is divided mainly into two parts, firstly detection and reporting of game defects and then facilitating with its examination and verification.

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The Facts You Need to Know About Performance Testing!

Key reasons behind the broad inclination toward performance testing:

1) Performance has turned into the key indicator of software quality and acceptance in today’s exceptionally dynamic market.

2) Customers are becoming highly demanding on quality front and have a clear vision of their performance goals.

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3) These days, every client is searching for more prominent speed, reliability, scalability, productivity, and endurance of all applications – may it be multi-level applications, client-server applications or web-based app and so on.

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Imperative tools for testing cross-browser compatibility that cannot be missed

With the availability of wide range of web browsers, the end users are using a great variety of web browsers to access the web applications. Thus, it has now become crucial to test the web applications on multiple browsers. The client components like JavaScript, AJAX requests, Applets, Flash, Flex etc. may behave differently on different browsers. Also, the process of request handling for different browsers also varies.

Cross browser testing is necessary to ensure that your web application or website is performing accurately on all the browsers due to the fact that browsers have a different method of presenting the site, in which case differences and errors might occur in the layout, feature or functionality. 

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Awaited Features of Latest iOS version 11.0 - Bugraptors

There are a number of features to explore, which have been listed and explained below:

1. The Photos to explore more: This application now brings more features to the Live Photos. The movies now will automatically align as per the portrait and landscape orientation. Memory types like pets, weddings, sporting events, babies etc. have been introduced.

Now, it will also support Animated GIF.

2. QuickType: The users can now swipe down the keyboard to easily switch from letters to numbers, and special characters on iPad. The iPhone will also support one-handed keyboard making it easier to type. More languages are now supported, and 2 new keyboard types have been added.

3. Bunch of other features and improvements: The long-awaited redesign of the Control Center brings all controls on one page. Apple has also made changes to Apple Music, Apple News, and Apple Podcasts. Also, Safari now comes with few more support for math, definitions, and conversions.

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