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Why to choose HP UFT: Automation testing tool

With the help of UFT we can test the success or failure of any step by using checkpoint which compares the actual result produced by the system under test during execution with the expected results stored in UFT at the time of recording.

Why HP Unified Functional Testing is useful?

- Functional tests are carried out automatically to increase the speed and cost effectiveness of application development and delivery.

- Initially, little effort is required to record and configure a script. Later on, the script can be used and run again and again to verify the functionality of an application under test.

- This results in saving a lot of time and money over manual testing.

- This tool is very useful in case of regression testing when tests are executed again and again to check whether the existing functionalities are still working fine.

- Long term projects having regular release cycles, a set of UFT tests can be created for regression testing.

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Faster to Market,

Living in an agile environment demands that you must be equipped with tools and techniques that empower you to be agile. Companies are striving hard to be agile to gain the edge to be ahead of their competitors, but to be fully agile they have to deal with the challenges of implementing changes and additions to their software systems that offer their services to the ultimate customers. The response of the customers and acceptance of the product is, otherwise, dependent on how early the product is being launched in the market.

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PhantomJS: A headless browser for Automation Test.

Headless web testing with JavaScript

PhantomJS has a whole set of features that testers love and use for many purposes. It is primarily used for a headless testing of web applications. PhantomJS fits for both as a part of a constant integration system and universal command-line based testing. It is important to recall that PhantomJS itself is not a testing framework, it is only engaged to launch the tests through a suitable test runner.

It is a headless WebKit which means that it delivers the layout engine related to those that are used by Firefox, Safari, Chrome or other niche browsers. Basically PhantomJS is a browser itself where pages are never actually displayed even though it is a headless one. 

Read more about the Pros and cons of using PhantomJS instead of real browsers.

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Check Out These Robust Automation Framework Used For Mobile Automation

Framework is a combination of test-data handling, coding standards, and object repository management that are followed during automation scripting which results in producing beneficial outcomes such as re-usage of the same code in multiple projects, higher portability and decrease the script maintenance cost etc.

Types of Automation Frameworks widely used for mobile automation testing:

# Test Library Architecture Framework: Test scripts are initially created using "Record & Playback" method. After that tasks inside the scripts are grouped into Functions. There Functions are called by main text script which is called Driver in different ways to create test cases.

# Data Driven Testing Framework: Test case logic resides in Test Scripts and Test Data is separated and kept outside the Test Scripts in this type of framework. Test Data is read from external files such as Excel Files, Text Files, CSV Files, etc. and are saved in the Test Script as variables.

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Future scope of Quality Control in the Software Testing Services

Due to high growth in the global software market, Quality Assurance and Quality Control are limited to desktops. It has a wide scope and the main focus has switched from desktops to mobile devices but the picture is changing nowadays.

Some of the areas that are swiftly changing market trends are:

1) Quality Assurance: Q&A is a systematic process to check whether a product or service is being developed/tested according to specified requirements or not.

It is indispensable and effective in maintaining the quality and stability that customers expect from an organization.

2) Automation Testing: With the expected growth rate at CAGR, new possibilities are expected. Selenium is expected to be the world’s most popular framework in coming years than in past.

In India, Selenium and QTP are the tools that are on the rise. We are experts in both the tools QTP/UFT and Selenium.

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A Review of Web Application Testing Services - Key Focuses To Know!

QA professionals must follow the below practices for testing the web applications more effectively.

  • Test Each Essential Element of Web Application

At the time of testing a web application, QA professionals concentrate on performance, features and functionality. Businesses ask the testers for testing each vital element of the website in addition to its performance and functionality. For example, QA professionals assess the key elements of web application comprising of CSS, HTML validity, JavaScript, browser refresh, security and windows resizing.

  • A web development business can expect high quality applications in a minimum possible time by collaborating with a web application testing service provider. A business will encounter huge losses if their application fails to convey as expected or gets hacked by the internal or external resource. So, it is dangerous to invest in a committed web application testing services supplier that can be dependent on both the security and quality
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8 Things You Should Think About Performance testing tools

Performance testing is done to check how well the software can handle user traffic. By putting a simulated demand on a website or an application.

Let’s take a look at some of the performance testing tools:

  1. Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter is an open source load testing tool. It is a mainly a performance testing tool and can be integrated with the test plan. This tool has the capacity to be loaded into a network or a server.

    2. HP LoadRunner

This testing tool has the capability to generate and handle multiple users simultaneously. This tool gathers all the necessary information as regards the performance and also based on the infrastructure. 

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Emergence of Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing to Ensure Security!

Software testing has dependably been a vital part of the success of any product in the market. The recently launched or the latest version of the existing product, it is essential for the organizations to ensure that each of its product goes through a stringent quality test to ensure that it meets the standards set.

For what reason do we Need AI in Software Testing?

Software testing is a process that set up a fundamental aspect of the area of improvement. Though, most of the time developers can’t complete a comprehensive testing of an application because of the scarcity of time and assets. In such a case, one can contend the requirement for a framework that can wisely recognize areas that more elaborate and centered consideration from the aspects that are dealt with automation based on repetitive patterns.

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Effective Ways Followed By QA To Speed Up The Software Release Process!

Software testing is a process of improving the quality of developed software by finding bugs during the whole software application development phase. 

There are several ways through which QA helps in delivering software faster.

i) Regression ensures quality in less time: One of the most important methodologies in software testing is Regression Testing.  It a type of software testing which confirms a recent change in code does not affect any existing features. 

ii) Automation saves manual time: Test cases can be converted into test scripts(automated) during application development. This helps in increasing overall test coverage along with reducing the manual efforts. It also increases the Reusability of test scripts when the OS or device changes.

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Usability Testing: What is it? How does it provide a consistent user-friendly experience?

Usability Testing is the key to success. In the end, it can be summarized as the process which ensures that the end product meets the users’ demands in order to deliver a flawless user experience.

Types of Usability Testing

# Explorative Testing: Explorative testing is performed in order to analyze what content and functionality the new product should possess to meet the expectations of target audience before releasing a new product. In this type of testing, users test specific services where they are given real scenarios to perform which helps to highlight any kind of loop holes if present.

# Comparative Testing: This type of testing is performed to compare the usability of two different websites. Comparative tests are usually used to compare a website against a competitor site. However, it can also be used to compare two designs to analyze which one provides the best user experience.

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