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All you ever wanted to know about offshore companies by Bowman Offshore Bank Transfers

Why set up a company in a tax haven?


If you ask someone what an offshore company is, they’ll often reply that it’s a company set up in a tax haven (so far, so good), but also that only traffickers, terrorists, and the mafia use them, and that they’re obviously immoral and illegal. Even the most well-informed people will tell you that it’s an expensive and complicated kind of company that isn’t worth the effort.


(I assume something similar happens when you ask about investing on the stock exchange.)


As you can guess, none of these statements are true, however widespread they may be. It’s no surprise; neither the State nor the media will go to great lengths to demystify the system.


The truth is that neither the State, nor the people who use it to make profits and live off others, have any right over your money or your property. In fact, however much they try, they can’t even prevent you from quitting the system, because you always have offshore companies at your disposal.

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Bell Moore Group Inc. Review: Erstellen und optimieren von Wert durch servieren

Wert ist nicht nur ein Business-Schlagwort mit einem vagen Konzept. Wert bedeutet, Dienst zu sein. Bell Moore Group Inc. versteht die Essenz der Schaffung von Wert durch den Dienst und die Erfüllung ihrer Kunden Mission und Geschäftsziele. Wir bei Bell Moore Ziel, die Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden zu priorisieren; Deshalb vertrauen Sie uns zweifellos für Unternehmenslösungen und mehr für die Entwicklung und das Wachstum Ihrer Unternehmung.

Seit 1991, Bell Moore hat konsequent einen lohnenden Wert in seiner Mission zu helfen Kunden erreichen Ihr Ziel in der Business-Industrie. Die Wertschöpfung in allen Aspekten des Lebens erfordert Talent und Kreativität, die Bell Moore seit vielen Jahren nutzbar und entwickelt hat. Die Organisation bietet Management-, Leasing-, Makler-und Beratungsdienstleistungen von Drittanbietern – erfolgreich im Dienste institutioneller Kunden wie MAB American Property Reit in Australien, Summit Reit in Kanada, Sentinel Pension Fund in New York, Paul Mitchell Vertra

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Keisen Associates Tokyo: Researchers of Cancer Detection Dispute over IP Rights

Biotechnology venture company MYTECH of Kobe, Japan filed a patent application for early detection technology for cancer. However, one of the listed co-applicants and researchers, Associate Professor Hiroaki Ito of Showa University Koto Toyosu Hospital (Tokyo), has accused MYTECH of robbing him of credit for what he had really invented first.

Now the two parties are going to court to assert their stakes in the intellectual property rights at issue. Hearings will begin on September 28 as spokespersons for MYTECH and Ito present their cases. Meanwhile, dozens of medical institutions have begun offering use of PROTEO, an application of this technology.

Ito claims to be the sole inventor, while his opponents (a father and son) in MYTECH argue that he only provided support in verifying their own ideas. 

How will, or will, the court affirm the 2012 agreement on the IP rights in this case? Even in Japan where litigation is rare, we see the necessity for inventors and applicants to clarify

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