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Magento Open Source VS WordPress with WooCommerce

Magento Open Source VS WordPress with WooCommerce for an eCommerce Project – What to Choose?

When starting an e-commerce project, there can be some rocks on the road to choosing the best option for an online store.

The battle of the titans: Magento VS WordPress for eCommerce project | CodeTiburon

The number of existing platforms can be quite overwhelming. Today we are going to look closely at the two most popular platforms for e-commerce – Magento and WordPress (with the WooCommerce plugin).

The battle of the titans: Magento VS WordPress for eCommerce project | CodeTiburon

This article will be quite useful for those who are thinking about setting up a website that sells one or more products and who isn’t sure which is a better platform to choose. They are both powerful platforms with different strengths and weaknesses so there are a lot of variables to consider here. We’ll go into detail about the sorts of issues you’ll need to consider and whether or not each platform handles these issues well.

Spoiler alert! Your choice will ultimately depend on what kind of e-commerce website you want to develop. And there’s even a potential option of us

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How to Build an Awesome Educational App

posted by constharper 5 months ago
tags: android ios mobile development

How to Build an Awesome Educational App (in Three Easy Steps)

Just like a dictionary is a language in retrospect, education is a window into… the past. It’s painfully lagging behind our needs, both in content and methods. Take e-learning apps – so plentiful on the market but scarce in class. Smartphones are stigmatized as distractors, cheat devices, addictive gadgets and banned from the classroom.

And that’s sad, given the potential educational apps have to offer us in schooling – time and inspiration to teachers; motivation and support to students; transparency to parents.

If the quote above holds true, technology is our fast lane to the ROI. Want a proof?

Take today’s average entrepreneurial age of 45. It’s not long before that is cut in two. The precedents are there. With the right tools to access knowledge, kids now become millionaires out of the classroom – just at 15! Spot on, Benjamin Franklin!So instead of talking ‘disruption of education’, let’s learn the intricacies of de

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How to Create a Hotel Booking App

posted by constharper 6 months ago
tags: ios android programming

How to create a hotel booking app

Have you ever wondered how long it takes from dreaming of a trip to experiencing one? According to Google research, just two steps – or micro-moments – planning and booking. And a booking app turns this dream into reality in no time at all!

Travel & hospitality industry is growing fast, propelled by healthy economic indicators in most countries, demand for corporate travel and a shift towards experience economy.

And the market consumer behavior has gravitated towards online booking. In US alone, 88% residents prefer using an online channel to book a hotel.

Booking a stay via a mobile app has become easy, quick, and enjoyable. And building a hotel booking app has never been more affordable and rewarding. The worldwide market volume for online hotel bookings is estimated to exceed $174 million in 2022.


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How to Create a Video Streaming Website like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu

posted by constharper 7 months ago
tags: web mobile development internet programming

Media and entertainment industry has always been on the forefront of tech innovation. An unspoken law reads, either change or die. That’s what the incumbents like Disney, Fox, Comcast, and Time Warner are still figuring out. That’s what streaming video providers like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu have got covered.

Story timeOnce an underdog in video rentals, Netflix approached the then major player, Blockbuster, about selling 49% of the company to act as an online arm for the video-rental giant. Netflix estimated its worth at $50 million.

‘Loonatics!’ laughed Blockbuster folk, ‘Isn’t that a bit over-the-top?!’

Well, they were spot on! Over just a decade, Netflix transformed into a $47 billion service to deliver over-the-top (OTT) video content!


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How to Make an App like Siri

posted by constharper 7 months ago
tags: mobile ios programming

Today everybody knows a girl named Siri and her besties Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant. These artificial intelligence pals have been hanging out in our houses, cars, and phones. The voice assistants are taking the world by storm and there’s nothing we can do but join the party. The generation raised by their side, ‘The Siri gen’, is our future, and voice assistants are not a new thing for them, but an essential. So, the question ‘How to make an app like Siri’ is everybody’s pain today.

Now, I’ll guide you into the future and explain everything you need to know about voice assistants and the ways to make one for your mobile app.

Find out more about ai app development services.

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