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Get Alternative Investment Funds registration in India

The AIF has been registered under SEBI. After receiving the registration fees for Alternative investment funds, Certificate of registration will be issued by the SEBI to the concerned applicant in a time frame of 90-150 days. Alternative Investment funds are regulated by Securities & Exchange Board of India, whose main aim is to utilize investment opportunities as per SEBI guidelines.


Alternative Investment Fund Registration


AIF Registration can be done and established in India in various formats like trust, company, limited liability partnership etc. The Alternative Investment Funds specified in three different categories and these can also be changed for AIF after registration but is conditional.

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Online Trademark Registration Process in India

With the economic growth the demand for Trademark Registration is also growing.It is very important for all corporate owners be it businessman or individual entrepreneur, to protect your company as it is directly linked to your company’s success. The basic motto is to protect your business against fraudulent cases, competition etc.

Trademark Registration

 What are the benefits for getting trademark renewal?

  • It gives legal protection to your business so that you can distinguish your business with others
  • Protecting the consumers from deceptive/misleading information regarding the goods/services
  • Improving the quality of operations, business models in all sectors within government, entrepreneurial, and private institutions
  • Creating the customers confidence and attraction
  • Protecting your business reputation by deterring someone else from using it without your permission.

What is the process of Renewal of trademark?

Application for the renewal in Form TM-R to be filed along with Certificate of Regist

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How to Get Online NBFC software in India

posted by enterslice 5 months ago
tags: NBFC software

A Non-Banking Financial Companies are growing across the world. NBFC software is a simplified form of banking software.  We provide the best NBFC software as per your requirement. It is a simplified version of banking software, Enterslice offers an online NBFC Software built especially for NBFCs. Our software is highly efficient to let you manage all your business processes and develop creativeness.

NBFC Software (2)

It has good quality loan management software and other NBFC software. NBFC Software provides multiple benefits to Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) such as reduction in overall workforce cost, customer satisfaction. Enterslice has many debt management software and ERP. Our custom NBFC software and ERP are for non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), which reduce overall workforce costs, handle debt inquiries, increase customer satisfaction, are at the end of the end-management of the borrowing process.

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Get BIS Certification Services in India

Enterslice is the best service provider and consultant firm for BIS Certification in India. Bureau of Indian Standards maintains quality and international standards for any products. BIS Product Certification Scheme is basically voluntary in nature. All manufacturers must have BIS Certificate for better branding. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the National Standards Body has been successfully promoting and nurturing standards movement within the country since 1947.

BIS Certification (4)

The BIS Product Certification Scheme is one of the largest in the world. In General, the ISI Certification is voluntary in nature but certain products require mandatory BIS certification considering public health. The BIS Registration allows manufacturers to use a self-declaration of conformity on the basis of registration with the BIS. The BIS (ISI) Certification Scheme is managed through its various regional offices in the state and has various branches all over India. Get BIS Certification to ensure the quality,

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Requirement for Change in Management of NBFCs in India

posted by enterslice 6 months ago
tags: NBFC Registration NBFC

The NBFCs are required to fill in the requisite details and then only apply to the Reserve Bank for approval. After affecting any such change, the NBFC is required to apply to the Reserve Bank of India by submitting an application on the letterhead of the Company, along with the following listed documents.

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FSSAI License Procedure for Food Business in India

An FSSAI License for Food Business is thus the sole most significant license which is essential for food business operatives in India. All the eligible food operators like manufacturers, transporters, distributors, retailers, etc. are also required to have an FSSAI License before the commencement of the Food business. But, it is not essential only receiving of an FSSAI certificate, in fact it is equally important in order to renew your license from time to time. The charge of the certificate thus increases with the amount of years applied for.

FSSAI License

The (FSSAI) has been constituted by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare with a stringent visualization to implement FSS act on food business activities. FSSAI was formed to keep a single point of contact for all the food operators. The role & responsibility of FSSAI is to make sure that all food-related laws are being followed by food business operators. Thus, if the registration of the renewal of a license has not been applied for within

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Checklist for Limited Liability Company Registration in India

A Limited Liability Company is the most common form of a business entity formed in India for engaging in commercial activities. If you want to start your business with Limited Liability Partnership, then you must get it registered under Limited liability Partnership Act, 2008. One of the most common forms of corporate structure is the Limited Liability Company. LLP combines the benefits of both the Company & Partnership into a single form of association.


Enterslice is offering LLP Registration services at a reasonable price in India. A limited liability company can be formed by a minimum of two and a maximum of 50 persons whose liability is limited to their shares in the company’s capital.  LLP and LLC Both are incorporated under Registrar of Companies and both the entities protect the partners/ members from the legal risk stemming from the activities of LLP or LLC. The LLC is a new business structure that provides several benefits to its members.

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FSSAI Registration for Food Industry in India

posted by enterslice 6 months ago
tags: FSSAI Registration Food Business

A number of companies and startups are working in the food sector but do you know that if you are looking to start any business in the food sector, then you must have FSSAI License as it is very important for you. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was established in 2006. It is basically an organization made for protecting the health of the people.

FSSAI Registration - Copy

It is mandatory for all the Food Business Operators (FBOs) in order to obtain a food service license. FSSAI Registration is required for carrying on activities related to any stage of manufacturing, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution of food. Food Business cannot be commenced unless a valid license is obtained, therefore FSSAI License becomes essential to start any type of food business. We will help you to get your FSSAI license and registration quickly at an affordable cost. Food Business Operators can apply online for the Registration and Food Licensing through an online application syst

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What is National Small Industries Corporation?

posted by enterslice 6 months ago
tags: NSIC Registration

National Small Industries Corporation is Public Sector Unit established by Government of India and Enterprise under Ministry of MSME. NSIC has its headquarters in Delhi. The word NSIC is the abbreviated term for National Small Industries Corporation, the main aim of this Corporation is to promote the products of Small and Micro Entrepreneurs.


As such, they established National Small Industries Corporation with objectives to provide machinery on hire purchase basis and assisting and marketing in exports. The National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. was established in 1955 by the Government of India with a view to promote, aid and foster the growth of small industries in the country.

NSIC also helps in organizing the supply of raw materials like coal, iron, steel and other materials and even machines needed by small-scale private industries. NSIC is the nodal office for several schemes of Ministry of MSME such as Performance & Credit Rating, Single Point Registration, MSME Databank

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Food Licensing Service for Food Business

posted by enterslice 6 months ago
tags: Food License Food Business

If you are planning to start any food business in India, you need to get food license under FSSAI Act. Food Licensing mandatory for starting any food-related business in India.

If you are starting a trading, import or manufacturing in the food industry, then Enterslice is the best place for getting FSSAI license services. Food License is the most essential and basic requirement for every type of business related to food.

Food Licensing

The licensing authority will issue you a license in the format under Schedule 2 of FSSAI Regulations, a true copy of which will be needed to be displayed at a prominent place at all times within your business premises.

The basic function of the Food Safety and Standards Act is to ensure that there is a healthy and hygienic supply of food and food products. This is both important and essential for such guidelines to be followed, as food is something that affects every individual, irrespective of any discriminating factor.

It is mandatory to follow the Food product

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