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Initial Requirements for NBFC Takeover in India

posted by enterslice 3 months ago
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NBFC Takeover

  • The acquirer of NBFC can first go through the documents of the Target Company and once Acquirer confirms the Acquisition of the said NBFC, MOU to be signed with some token money.
  • KYC Documents, Business Plan and Projection for three years to be prepared in reference to incoming directors as suggested by the acquirer.
  • Submission of Documents those prepared to be submitted to the RBI were the registered office of the company is located.
  • Coordinating with and replying to all RBI queries raised for the purpose of NBFC Takeover.
  • After getting RBI approval letter to issue public notice in the two newspapers for 30 days as per the RBI regulations indicating such change of management and inviting any objections if any from the public or any interested parties.
  • Signing of Share Purchase Agreement and handing over of change of management, payment of remaining considerations etc. to be carried out on 31st day of newspaper notice or as mutually agreed by all the parties.
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Know about the KPIs for Finance and Accounting Department in india

KPIs can provide company managers with two sets of info that includes how efficiently the department is operating and making sure the employees’ behavior is lined up with the company’s goals.

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Internal and External Factors That Affect Working Capital in india

Internal and External Factors That Affect Working the operates often determines how it uses working capital. There are some companies that use more working capital and also produce less.

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Get Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company’s Finance & Accounting

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company considered outsourcing its finance & accounting? These are important sectors of any company. They provide many benefits for businesses of all sizes including recording transactions, communicating internal/external info, comparison, and analysis.


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Different Methods for Outsourcing Your Finance & Accounting Through Enterslice

Finance & Accounting outsourcing is chosen by a lot of business because it can bring about a lot of cost savings. It is typically more affordable to outsource that sort of business function that actually having your own internal department for record keeping and accounting.

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FSSAI Registration Provider for Food Business Operators in India

To obtain the Food License Registration for the food product manufactured by your company (food, diet supplement, natural product, among others) you must follow a procedure that is supervised by the authorities of the Ministry of Health.If you are a food Business Operator, you must go to the FSSAI to obtain the Food license. The establishment must comply with the minimum hygienic Food License requirements established in the regulations of the Department of Food Regulation and Control. Make sure that this permit includes the production of the good you intend to register.

fssai registration (4)

Your product must comply with the labelling requirements and other requirements according to the type of Food product. FSSAI Registration is obliged to obtain the corresponding food License registry, those companies dedicated to the preparation, manufacture, handling and production of food for sale and distribution outside the place where they are made, and warehouses, distributors or food importers in general.So, it

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5 Steps to Know Before Company Registration

Step 1 - Corporate Structure

As per the Companies Act, 2013, Company Registration can be broadly classified into three main categories, i.e. Private Company, Public Company and One Person Company. Choose the best type of entity for set-up the business.

Step 2 - Plan Your Control in Business

As a Startup founder, there should intention to keep the management control of the company within limited hands. 

Step 3 - Things Should Keep in Mind While Registering a Private Limited Company

  • A minimum number of members shall be 2 and the maximum number shall be 200.
  • A minimum number of directors shall be 2, maximum being 15.
  • There shall be a restriction on the transfer of shares of the members.
  • No subscription to the capital of the company shall be invited from the general public.
  • Minimum paid up share capital shall be one lakh rupees;


Step 4 - Apply for DSC, DIN & Name Approval

  • Fill out an application for DIN in Form DIR-3 and DSC for the first directors of the proposed compa
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Nidhi Company Registration Procedure and Regulation

According to Reserve Bank of India or as per the Companies Act, 2013 or previous Companies Act, 1956, there is no requirement for obtaining permission from RBI for a Nidhi Company registration. These companies are public companies registered under Companies Act, 2013 or previous Companies Act, 1956. Therefore, there must have at least 7 members and 3 directors. Earlier, the minimum capital requirement for registering a Nidhi Company was INR 5 lacs, which were subsequently waived off by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), but, the Nidhi Rules, 2014, mandates the infusion of INR 10 lacs capital into such companies. So, it is advised to register a Nidhi company with such capital.

company act

However, you can still register a Nidhi company with Rs. 5 Lac capitals and in a year time, you can increase your capital to Rs. 10 Lac and 200 members. if you wish to apply for Nidhi company registration then you need to apply to MCA. We must know that Nidhi company registration procedure is more similar to

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Know about the Company Registration in New Zealand through Enterslice

New Zealand provides great flexibility under licensing and other regulatory frameworks Start-up companies. There is no minimum capital required to start a business in New Zealand.

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Know About the Company Registration in United Kingdom through Enterslice

The company registered in the United Kingdom is basically governed by Companies Act, 1985 as amended thereof and the Income and Corporation taxes Act 1988 of United Kingdom as amended and make applicable to corporate.

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