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Marketing Automation - How it Works

One of the main advantages that marketing automation has over email marketing is marketing automation can monitor and record your prospects activity across email, your website and social media posts – not just count opens and click throughs.

When there is a prolonged buying cycle, marketing automation allows you to monitor prospects through the different stages pushing them towards their desired goal.

This will also allow you to focus on prospects looking to engage with you NOW! Ensuring you don’t miss out on opportunities as they arise.

Is Marketing Automation for me?

The marketing industry has been completely flipped on its head and will continue to rapidly change in the next 5 years. The use of mobiles, the internet and social media are common in 99% of industries. So, the answer to the questions in our opinion is you cannot afford to ignore it. Most companies have embraced digital marketing for lead generation but not all companies have recognised the fact they will get bette

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Pay Per Click Campaign Management

We increase your online presence whilst ensuring your budget doesn’t spiral out of control Search Engine Optimisation is a vital part of getting you noticed online. Through a combination of activities, we can ensure you reach the front page of google when companies are looking for your services.


We Audit your website and weave keywords and phrases into every web page to make sure your business is increasingly visible online.

Pay Per Click campaigns can offer you that extra boost whilst your other marketing efforts are gathering momentum. We have experience in setting up and running Facebook & LinkedIn ad campaigns, google AdWords plus Retargeting adverts.

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Marketing Automation Benefits Sales And Marketing

An Unqualified lead can seriously reduce a salesperson productivity plus it can waste a lot of their time dealing with prospects that are just not ready to engage. Making sure your whole team is aligned on what criteria make a good lead and having a Marketing Automation platform in place for intelligence is vital for success.


The magic of valuable leads

Leads are like crops. They can be grown and get left to survive on their own or they can be nourished. Marketing automation gives leads the nourishment that they need to grow stronger and marketing teams the muscle they need to nurture leads more effectively. If you track these leads effectively, you can understand the additional content and strategies needed to further the growth. Then you can guide them the rest of the way through the buying funnel.

Better Lead Intelligence

Productivity is easily increased when leads are already biting. This is a given. It doesn’t really take that much intelligence to push something that’s al

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Should my business have a Marketing Automation Platform

Everyone in the marketing world has heard the term “Marketing Automation” but still, so many businesses are struggling to understand the simplicity of how important it is becoming to the future of their success.

Marketing Automation software is revolutionizing the way we send out and track online marketing. If you send out emails, post social media and have a website it is essential you have a central system to view & analyze all this activity.

By using Marketing automation, it makes several tasks a lot easier. By doing this it allows marketers to use their time more effectively developing more personalized campaigns and analyzing data, which leans towards giving off a larger Return of Investment from marketing activity and spend.

The embracing of marketing automation has been high in large B2B businesses over the past few years and 2017 will see the tipping point for SME’s to bring the software into the mainstream and standard within most organizations in a short space of time.

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Marketing Automation Software Provider UK

Locally based Marketing Automation software provider

We are an agency partner with one of the world’s leading Marketing Automation software providers. Locally based in Reading, Act-on are a perfect partner. We have built up a solid relationship with them over the past few years and they are literally walking distance away ensuring we get the help and support to successfully deliver your campaign.

Multi-talented Team

Our staff are the heartbeat of our company. The modern marketer requires an array of skills, not only do they need to be creative and good with design they also need to be IT literate and have a passion for sales and results. All our staff receive a structured training and coaching program leading to external audited awards plus every member of the team is fully Act-on certified through their university program.


With over 20 years’ experience and sales & marketing diploma’s our directors are considered thought leaders in the inbound marketing & Marketi

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How we can help - Marketing Automation UK

Marketing Automation is much more than just a software purchase,It’s a new way of working. At Frontline we work alongside business owners or as an extension to your marketing team setting up your platform and building automated & strategic Inbound marketing programs. Our packages are extremely flexible and tailored to each individual customers needs. We offer short-term contracts and work with companies on a part-time basis from as little as 6 days per month. We can work on your system fully or partially in the following areas,  

platform-icon-9655Platform set- up and deployment– Combining our technical and marketing expertise we can ensure your marketing automation journey is on the correct path from the start.

strategy-icon-29195Inbound Marketing strategy and Automated systems– We have a simple, structured & proven method to set up automated systems to nurture prospects through various channels.


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Telemarketing Services UK

Expert b2b telemarketing service provider, customer calls, maintenance for all building & construction organizations. Building long-term relations with customers.

Traditional cold calling is dead! The idea of hammering the phone to hundreds of businesses in the vague hope that one of those may be interested has long gone.

At Frontline Telemarketing we are a fresh new breed of telemarketers using industry-leading technology to lock onto clients with a genuine interest to maximize time and effort.

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Best Marketing Automation Software UK

If you send out email campaigns, post social media or monitor website traffic, it is essential you have a central command center to send, automate, view & analyse all this activity and data.

What is Marketing Automation Software?
  • It’s a central platform to send out all your marketing
  • Within the system you can send emails, post social media, track website visitors plus much more.
  • Sending marketing out under one roof allows you to analysis, report and piece together everything!

Why is it important to the future of my business?
  • 63% of companies who are outgrowing their competition use Marketing Automation.
  • By 2020 when looking to buy something the first 80 percent of the process will occur online.
  • Every web page you visit, every email you open, every social media post you read and every advert you click leaves a digital footprint trail. Use this data to gain a competitive edge.
  • Companies need to adapt or risk being left behind for good!


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