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How to reach Dhanaulti from delhi

posted by kelly123 4 days ago
tags: camping in dhanaulti

Dhanaulti is the most popular hill station among tourists. People keep visiting this place time and over again around the country due to its attracting beauty. If you are planning to visit Dhanaulti then there are few things you need to take care how to reach Dhanaulti such as check travel fares, book your hotel in advance to avoid any inconvenience, local sight seeing details, get proper information about the place to see and stay in Dhanaulti.

You need to gather enough transportation details about the place so that you can enjoy when you reach there instead of searching about things. Here are few useful bits of information about how to reach Dhanaulti via rail, air and road.

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Reach Dhanaulti via Train:

Best way to reach Dhanaulti from Delhi is to travel via train till Dehradun. Once you reach Dehradun you can take a road trip till Dhanaulti. The nearest railway station is located in the capital city of Uttarakhand, Rishikesh and Dehradun. Trains are qu

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Weekend Resorts near Delhi

posted by kelly123 8 days ago
tags: weekend resorts near delhi

Delhi can get to your nerves at time due to its clamorous streets, humdrum life and weather conditions. One of the best cures in such situation is to pack your bag, drag your friends or other travel companions and head out direct on the road to Weekend Resorts near Delhi NCR. Do not worry, it will not be a long ride as most of the amazing resorts are at the outskirts of Delhi, which provide an all inclusive gateway and this is the best part about the capital city.

If you are looking for some unconventional luxurious time on a weekend then you are at the right place. There are luxury Resorts near Delhi NCR that offers some of the best facilities and fun activities to its guests. There are many boutique resorts, five star resorts and best resorts near Delhi where you can rejuvenate and have fun with family and friends. Few of them are mentioned below:

1) Heritage Village Resorts and Spa Manesar:

This resort is 43 kms from Delhi and it is put together like a Rajasthani Haveli. This res

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Camping in kanatal

posted by kelly123 9 days ago
tags: camping in kanatal

In the cities of shining lights one misses the serenity of the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. The great outdoors beckon us but the city lights keep us prisoner to our thoughts. However, with a weekend approaching the mind wanders to the verdant mountains and fresh air. To keep you on wanderlust and out of the hustle and bustle of everyday commute,  the mountains are becoming a place that one would find respite and finally nirvana. Not very far away from the nation’s capital city of Delhi lies the rich and abundant Gharwal Himalayan Range in a place called Kanatal Camps


An elevation of approximately 2300 meters this place allures you to it. Is vast expanses of green command your presence and thus it has earned the name of one of the most famous places to visit in the hills. This place is one for the bucket list of you are a camping enthusiast.

Camping in Dhanaulti will leave you with an experience of a thousand words- written or recited!! The panoramic views of the mighty H

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Resorts near Delhi NCR

posted by kelly123 11 days ago
tags: resorts near delhi

Resorts near Delhi NCR are the best for business deals and offering adjustable spaces for functions conferences, weddings, and private events too. Unique hosting of the events at gardens and lawns inside these resorts are accompanied with pillar-less ceiling which feels like a splendor.

It’s a wistful, captivating world, surrounded by fleecy clouds, pine trees and the glittering green waters of lakes. A group of great hill stations are just few hours from Delhi, Resorts near Delhi are perched attractively on the highest peak of sea level, and will hypnotize your senses. The only stoppage will be the squeaking of birds. (Resorts have scored of varieties including yammerers, barbets and woodpeckers.) Relax with your loved one in the private precincts of the resort or tap the rambler within and discover delightful little paths around the lakes and along the ancient woods. 

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Resorts near delhi NCR for Weekend

posted by kelly123 22 days ago
tags: resorts near delhi NCR for weekend

 Many of us also like to bid goodbye to Delhi over the weekend to explore new places around it Resorts near Gurgaon.  How we love weekends and how carefully we plan them so that none of it goes waste, even if it includes sleeping. Some escape shutting by spots to spend an end of the week in a cool resort that gives plentiful time to unwind and enjoy distinctive exercises. Of leaving Delhi on ends of the week and furthermore not going extremely distant from the city but rather sufficiently far with the goal that the rushing about blur away.That is why we thought of coming up with a blog about resorts near Delhi that make great weekend options from Delhi.

Hill Station Resorts takes your heart away by their amazing location, located at high hills, terraces kanatal gives out exotic holiday tour near Delhi. The closer to the resort you will get, the more secluded the area became until arrived on a hillside sprinkled with the resort's options. Hill stations near delhi  

 For your weekend

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Resorts Near Delhi NCR

posted by kelly123 28 days ago
tags: Resorts Near Delhi

Delhi with its exciting meteorological conditions, clamorous streets and a monotonous life can get to your nerves at times. And the best cure at such moments is to just pack your bags, drag a couple of travel companions and head out straight on the road  For your wonderful vacation around Delhi NCR, you might be definitely searching for some amazing  resorts near Delhi NCR

The best part about Delhi is that right at the peripheries of the city are amazing resorts that offer an all-inclusive getaway. From Rajasthan to Himachal Pradesh, including Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh are the places where, safari or history, sightseeing or adventure seeking vacation or enjoying activities and luxury resorts everything is available just a few hours away from the capital.


Here are some of the best resorts near Delhi NCR, The locations of these resorts near Delhi are famous for its aesthetic factor, amenities, services and style of accommodation.

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Things to do in Dhanaulti and Kanatal

posted by kelly123 1 month ago
tags: dhanaulti kanatal camp

The queen of the hills, Mussoorie has long been quite attracted the mass. For quite a long time, people visit and explore the hill of Mussoorie. There is another hill named Kanatal Camp . Dhanaulti is in the Kanatal Hill. Not many people know the place, making much of its place untouched and unexplored. Dhanaulti in  Kanatal hill provides a great place to unwind for those extended holidays. Much is there to see, much to explore. Trekking, camping, rappelling and rock climbing- there are quite a few activities for those adventurous souls. It is moreover a stopover for travellers travelling across Uttarakhand. Nature’s way of welcoming in Kanatal is mesmerizing.

Dhanaulti in Kanatal provides a favoured place for camp and some adventurous sports. know more things to do in dhanaulti and Kanatal

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