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Are Barefoot Shoes Good for Kids?

posted by kinesisclinic 3 days ago
tags: osteopath back pain

There’s a growing belief among experts that when it comes to children’s footwear, the best shoe may be no shoe at all. Studies have shown that there are more likely to be disadvantages and problems from wearing shoes from an early age, than not wearing them. Such as; deformation caused by a poor fit, ingrown toenails and athlete’s foot. Visit at  for more details .

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Active Release Techniques – How it helps in Eliminating Pain and Improving your Performance?

posted by kinesisclinic 8 days ago
tags: active release technique

Active Release Therapy is an effective form of treatment. This technique proves helpful in cases where your body muscles have been turned off on account of bodily injuries. At the same time, this technique also helps in eliminating your body muscular pain.

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Visit Kinesis Clinic for the Best Treatment for Injury in Rotator Cuff

Kinesis Clinic is a Surrey based clinic that specializes in injury rehabilitation and osteopathy. It is providing excellent treatment for rotator cuff injury. It also uses cutting-edge techniques like Active Release Technique, Graston Technique and Lightforce laser therapy and for curing orthopaedic conditions.

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Osteopathy – To Help Relieve from Your Back Pain

posted by kinesisclinic 10 days ago
tags: osteopath for back pain

In case you are suffering from moderate back pain then osteopathy is the best option for you. This form of treatment is also considered as an alternative medicine that can help in relieving back pain. So experts also suggest that before undergoing surgery, patients have to try and opt for osteopathy treatment.

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High Experienced Sports Massage Therapist at Kinesis Clinic

posted by kinesisclinic 18 days ago
tags: sports massage therapist

Kinesis Clinic is basically reputed for its sports massage.  The sports massage therapists working here are highly skilled in incorporating the use of passive stretches that allow them to test the range of motion of your muscles and improve its flexibility.

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Why You Need to Take Your Sports Injury Very Seriously?

posted by kinesisclinic 19 days ago
tags: sports injury specialist

Some sprains are bearable kinds and are alright after some rest or break from the sports. But there are others that need medical care and should be treated in the most appropriate way by the sports injury specialist without any delay.

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The Best Achilles Tendonitis Treatment at Kinesis Clinic

posted by kinesisclinic 25 days ago
tags: achilles tendonitis treatment

The Achilles tendon rupture is not life threatening, but is a serious injury, which can lead to serious disability, if not treated at the right time. Surgery and post-surgery recovery period care is a must for best results.

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Kinesis Clinic - The Best Clinic for Treatment of Frozen Shoulder

posted by kinesisclinic 1 month ago
tags: frozen shoulder treatment

Kinesis Clinic is an osteopathy and injury rehabilitation clinic based in Surrey. It uses techniques like Active Release Technique, Lightforce laser therapy, and Graston Technique.

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