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Let Start Deco'ring Your Apartment With These Awesome Home Decor Tips

Create a focal point or theme

Generally, an apartment comes with very little charm and quite often not much of a view. Beige or white walls can appear a bit boring, but some creativity can easily fix that.

Photographs and paintings are very effective at transforming and reviving stagnant rooms. You can easily turn your apartment into a virtual destination by introducing a photograph of a cityscape, beach scene or natural setting into your living room.

A vivid, colorful photograph of a luscious landscape can make your apartment come alive.

Colour, colour, colour

Property management companies rarely allow you to paint your interior suite walls; so use other means in which to introduce colour into your apartment .

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VANCOUVER - A Place Holding 5 Precious Gems To Discover!

 FlyOver CanadaThis is one of the newest Vancouver Attractions. Located at the back of the Pan Pacific Hotel. It offers an unforgettable experience of “virtually flying over” and exploring Canada. It feels so real with rain splashing on your face and turbulences shaking you up. 

 Granville IslandGranville Island is located walking distance from Downtown, or you can opt to take the aqua bus or water taxi instead. 

 Granville Island is famous for its brewery, great eateries, and a public market with 150 vendors.

Granville Island is a home to Emily Carr University of Art and design. Make sure to visit the gallery of student art.

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Useful guide to organizing your apartment – and creating more space

People often associate the New Year with a time to reinvent themselves. Start fresh, set goals. This post will help reinvent and rejuvenate your living space. Don’t wait for the “spring clean”, let’s get a jump start and use the start of 2017 to de-clutter and reorganize your apartment. I will be breaking down each room in your apartment and providing you with ideas and strategies to help get your space organized. Read More.........

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Check Out These Best Places to Reside in Saskatchewan

From attractive lakes to the badlands, sandy shorelines to star-filled skies and fairways; everything seems so beautiful and attractive. The sunrises & sunsets appear to last forever. There are forests and landscapes that you wish you could wrap and bring home. 

Major Cities to Reside in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is all about enjoying your life to the fullest. Here, you will find the shopping amazing, the nightlife thrilling, and the food delicious.

Regina, Saskatoon, Weyburn

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Check Out These Interesting Ideas to Decorate Your Balcony!

On visits to our buildings I am frequently frustrated, surprised and disappointed that so many balconies are being used for storage, collection of unwanted things, and even garbage disposal.

I come from a country where people take great pride decorating even the smallest balconies with plants, patio furniture, and art.

Maybe because of my background, I cannot stand seeing recycling bottles, old car tires and unwanted items and dirty mops hanging over the railings.


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Apartment business welcoming technology into every aspect!

Starting with a search for an apartment there has been major changes. Gone are the days of waiting for the morning newspaper to arrive to browse through the classified ads to see what apartments are available. Now with the simple use of the internet you can find 85% – 95% of all available apartments in any given city with just a simple search.

Once an apartment is found an email can be sent to determine if the suite is still available, many businesses including ours even have it set up so an applicant can apply online for the apartment. An application can be processed much quicker and with the use of the internet a business can help screen the applicants in ways never possible before from credit and background checks to references.

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Check Out These 5 Fabulous Eateries You Must Visit in Central Edmonton, Canada!

Everyone has days where they get home from work and just don’t want to cook. Thankfully, if you’re living in Central Edmonton, which is considered to be in prime locations for a multitude of reasons, including a large number of excellent restaurants located around this specific location. 

 Rostizado - #102, 10359 – 104 Street –  Prior to this restaurant opening, Tres Carnales was the best Mexican restaurant in town according to most people. Since Rostizado opening in the Mercer building they have stolen this title. Luckily for the owners of Tres Carnales, they own Rostizado as well. 

 Numchok Wilai – 10623 – 124 Street – If you’re not paying attention you can easily drive by this little restaurant on 124 Street but you’d be missing out if you did. A nice little Thai restaurant, they offer a large number of dishes that will appeal to everyone.

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Concerned About Calgary’s Rental Market?

With Calgary`s recent economic woes, home ownership is no longer a viable option for a number of residents due to layoffs and salary claw backs. A quick analysis of the cost of condo ownership versus Mainstreet rents show an average homeownership premium of 74%. Transitioning to home ownership in a down market may seem like a good idea, but for many, the numbers still do not work.

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Why Rental Apartments in City of Edmonton Are High in Demand?

The renters can avail the following benefits by living in Edmonton Rental Apartment;

  • You Are Repaid for Home Improvements

Some of the landlords are very strict in regards to making changes in an apartment space, but others think that positive changes will appeal to other renters in future, like new light fixtures, refinished floors, fresh neutral paint or even compensate you for the labor and materials. 

  • Enjoy More Free Time

By owning an apartment, the responsibility of maintenance completely comes on the landlord. Also, the landlord gets trapped with the maintenance responsibility of the apartment. In such a situation, renting is a better option as you can devote more time in doing the things that you really love to do.

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Let's Check Out These Fantastic Treasure Places in Surrey, Canada

1. Drop-In Family Ice Skating

Ice skating has been a classic Canadian pastime for as long as anyone can remember, whether it be Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall. With several locations in North Surrey, Newton Exchange, Cloverdale and South Surrey, drop-in family ice-skating is a fantastic way to combine your daily exercise with some quality family bonding time.

2. King George Aviation

King George Aviation is a company that allows the chance of a lifetime – to take over the controls of a plane alongside and experienced instructor and fly over BC’s beautiful scenic landscapes. With flights at great rates flying over a beautiful city, you can’t go wrong!

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