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11 Ways To Overcome Clutter In A Small Edmonton Apartment

To dispose of the mess and get the most out of your little space, utilize these ten space organization tips to maximize the space:

  • Use Shelving: When using shelves, or any racking for placing things, buy something that will reach the roof. More shelves lead to more storage space, and the end of that cramped feeling.
  • Include More Shelves: Don't restrain yourself to traditional bookshelves. You can add racking even above the toilet to make space in your washroom, or in your closet to amplify organization. Rather than having a headboard, introduce a racking unit so you can dump your nightstand and make more space.

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What are the Standard Responsibilities of an Apartment Landlord in Edmonton?

Being a landlord also includes following the law. There are national and state wise strict landlord-tenant rules that everyone must follow. This incorporates rules for collecting security deposits, following safety and health standards and for evicting tenants. Here are some of the responsibilities a landlord has to their tenants.

Responsibility to Maintain a Safe Environment

Everyone wants their home to be safe and protected. And, it is a landlord’s responsibility that he provides his tenants with a safe place to reside. Tenants should feel safe in their apartment. Every single front door should have a deadbolt lock.

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Tips To Get Your Wardrobe Right In A Professional Setting!

Starting from bottom:

Tip#1 Footwear

  • Choose Brown shoes, brown shoes look sharper on your personality
  • Make sure they are polished
  • Laces should be well tied up all the time
  • Your socks should match with your pants

Tip#2 Dress Pants

  • Well cut and classically styled pants will make you look sharper at work. Make sure they have that crisp crease.
  • Pant leg should hit the top of the shoe and reach just below the tip of the back of the heel

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Know How To Attract Millennials For Your Rental Property?

Millennials are officially one of the biggest renting demographics out there today and don’t appear to be rushing towards home ownership. This generation is hit particularly hard by recession in some parts of Canada, so thanks to this sluggish job market, huge student loans and a tighter lending/stricter credit market, millennials are refusing to take any additional debt in the form of a mortgage and are instead choosing to rent.

Rental Property Upgrades for Millennials

The first thing you can do to ensure your rental property is attractive to millennials is to upgrade your rental property with features that are most appealing to young adults. While you shouldn’t lump all individuals together as far as likes and dislikes are concerned, theirs is a lot of research, studies and surveys that highlight what the majority are looking for, their spending patterns, where they want to live and what is a priority for them on the whole.

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Why Tenants Are Prefering Furnished Apartments in Calgary For Their Accommodation Needs?

Calgary is located in the foothills of Canada’s mountains, it has a pleasant and cool climate and this gives an invitation to a large number of people in the city. The newcomers who want to stay in the city for a shorter term always prefer for furnished apartments because:

  • Easy Move

As furnished apartments provide all the essential furniture, you don’t have to stress yourself for bringing your stuff when you move to the apartment. 

  • More Spacious

In comparison to a hotel room, furnished apartments are more spacious to live, as they generally offer double the square footage that you would get in a hotel room.

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You Must Taste the Food of These 5 Awesome Restaurant in Surrey, British Columbia (Canada)

Tasty Indian BistroIf you need your fix of delicious, savory Indian food without the unfair steep price tag, then Tasty Indian Bistro has got what you need! Where traditional dishes from all regions of India are served, you will find distinctive, delicious and fresh food.

New York New York Greek RestaurantThis is, hands down, the best Greek food you will ever try in Surrey, BC! With everything from perfectly fried kalamari, to their deliciously tender medium-rare lamb souvlaki and their soft, perfectly cooked Greek rice, this restaurant will have you coming back every week!

Maguro Japanese RestaurantThis is not your typical Japanese restaurant serving your typical California roll. This Asian-Fusion restaurant features everything from deliciously cooked oysters, to classic tempura, teriyaki, sashimi and uniquely prepared sushi rolls.

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Basic Survival Skills That Can Hopefully Bridge The Gap Between The Bad And Good Times!

Below are some suggestions that may help:

  • Identify available resources, amount of savings, RRSP, available assets (car, home and others), as well as friends and relatives who may offer some help in case of emergencies.
  • Calculate what your minimum standard of living could be. This may include moving to a smaller apartment or sharing an apartment with friends. If you own a house, you may consider leasing your house to increase your income and rent an apartment for yourself for a specified time. You could also consider trading in your vehicle for a smaller, less expensive model to save money on fuel and maintenance costs (foreign vehicles are often more expensive to service).

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What factor are behind the unaffordability of housing in Vancouver?

A closer at look at the framework of the market itself helps to identify the real challenges that are creating this heated market. Yes, there are structural issues such as constrained geography, scarcity of land, and strong net migration with a limited housing supply. But, what is causing this limited supply?

A more pragmatic approach to real estate development policy could easily help cool the market and positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Instead of blaming foreign investment for driving housing prices and taking up the limited housing stock, policy makers could release restricted land for development, relax cycle times for permits, reduce development fees, and increase density (countering high land costs and allowing for an increased number of feasible projects).

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Mainstreet provides affordable, renovated rental apartment suites to Canadians cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, Surrey, Abbotsf

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Things You Must Know About Child Proofing In Apartment

With a new addition to our family, I have come to the realization that each of our kids requires different child proofing techniques. Kyle, now 6 years old, was more of a TV stand guy, Avery who has just started crawling is more of an electrical outlets and kitchen explorer.

For Avery we have had to move furniture around so that she has no access to the electrical outlets, which I realize is a main attraction because we have more gargets in the house and she is seeing her family frequent these spots and feels she is missing out on all the fun. We have had to remove all extension cords, and make sure the laptop and TV cables are neatly tucked away so that she doesn’t pull on them.

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What advantages does Jamie’s mobile app offer over a well functioningmobile website?

The app is his ecosphere built to his specifications and needs so he can shut out third party clutter that interferes with his message and his products. Forget about the competition, this is Jamie’s world. Imagine walking into an athletic footwear store and the shelves only have Adidas for sale… welcome to the Adidas app.

Apps also let you take advantage of hardware capabilities like the camera. If your favourite wine store had an app that allowed you to take pictures of your wine purchases, rate them and then help you pair them with food, wine pairing with Jamie O’s ‘pan-baked pork chops with herby potatoes, parsnips, pears and minted bread sauce’ might be very simple.

Geolocation is another hardware capability that can boost app value. If you have several locations, a user launching the app can immediately pinpoint your nearest location drawing a straight line between them and you.


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