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Options Trading : Beneficial or Risky ?

posted by nita 3 days ago

People are turning towards share market very rapidly for last 5 years and try to make more money. People investing their money in the market for a while in the market don't know about the several fields, one of them is trading in 'options'.An option is a kind of security which can be bought or sold during a specific time which has a certain deadline. An option is a form of derivatives.


In options trading, you can trade either with a call option or put option. In call option you have to buy a lot with a strike price, if the cash market grows, the premium value would increase and you'll earn a profit. If you the cash market falls, the premium value would decrease and you'll suffer a loss. You can trade intraday also, and intraday tips are specialized for intraday trade.

In put option, you just go reverse of the call. You purchase a lot with a fixed strike price. If the premium value is decreased then you'd be able to gain the profit.


Trading in options sounds very beneficial, ho

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Cash vs Derivatives Market: Which is a better option ?

posted by nita 5 days ago
tags: mcx tips

Everyone enters the market with only one objective to make the maximum profit. But we should keep in mind that there are a lot of corporate, experienced and professionals are dealing with cash market for a long time, and are equipped with enhanced tools. We still hope to beat them without knowing the actual capabilities. Which may result in a loss. We must ensure first that we are ready to enter the market with proper planning and assistance.


There are two types of market:


1. Cash Market

2. Derivative Market


The cash market is regulated by SEBI. One can trade in the cash market through BSE, NSE, Commodity Exchange or a Foreign Exchange Market. It’s a place where the buying and selling of commodities are mutual and is undertaken by the government, the general public, other companies, etc. Daily buying and selling in the market is a risky task, because of it's unpredictable nature. The price of shares varies moment by moment just like commodities as per mcx tips.



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Why commodity prices are falling in India ?

posted by nita 7 days ago

With several factors affecting the equity market, commodity market hasn't been left out India to going down. The Indian share market has been going sloppy and investors are having their concern about the when the prices of the commodity would get their lost pace back? According to commodity tips experts, the market will continue to fall, it will take a month or two to get back on the track. Investors are now acquiring other techniques and trying to play safe lately.

As we know almost all the commodity prices are dependent on the international market. A lot of factors whether its revolution in Middle Eastern countries or elections in the US or the burning topic of Brexit in Europe all has affected the prices of commodities to fall. Recently, a slowdown in trade in China has played havoc with the commodity prices. Coming to the agricultural commodities, factors like not enough rainfall, farmers marching and various social events in India are affecting the commodity prices negatively. Ho

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Which company provides the best commodity tips ?

posted by nita 11 days ago

With the growing trend of making, money through the share market and the existing traders preferring to trade with commodities due to their tendency to fetch you a higher profits, these investors are finding difficult to manage the risk free trading and most of the commodity traders are businessman who barely gets any time to manage the trade personally or to learn to trade. Most of the big investors prefer to trade with best commodity tips providers in India, which gives them an option to trade risk-free and safe and they just need to execute the calls and follow the techniques suggested by those tips providers.

There are a lot of tips providers in the Indian market, but only a few of them provides accurate, precise and research-based tips. When it comes to providing the best, accurate, precise and research-based tips to the traders, only a few names appear on the top and one of the most trusted and research-based commodity tips providers is 24 Carat Financial Services. They provide

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Types of banks in the stock market

Basically, there are two types of banks that participate in the stock market- the investment banks and the commercial banks. Apart from the equity services, the investment banks also provide free commodity tips.Investment Banks are financial entities that provide strategic advice to companies, governments and others on their capital requirements and investment decisions and arrange the raising of such funds on terms that are most suitable to the company. Their activities include advisory services for business expansions, project financing, mergers and acquisition, investment valuation, among others. They charge a fee for their services. These banks are responsible for extending stock tips to their clients. Investment banks also deal with large investors and help them manage their portfolios across asset classes, products and geographies.   Commercial Banks provide banking services of taking deposits, providing credit and enable payment services. They provide efficient cash management f

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A glimpse at stock exchanges

posted by nita 1 month ago
tags: trading tips

Intermediaries in the financial markets are responsible for coordinating between investors and borrowers and organizing the transfer of funds between them. They also look into the fair working of various participants in the stock market like the commodity tips providers. Without the services provided by intermediaries, it would be quite difficult for investors and issuers to locate each other and carry out transactions efficiently and cost-effectively. Stock Exchange is one of such intermediary. The role and responsibilities of intermediaries are laid down in the acts and regulations governing them.Stock Exchanges provide the infrastructure for trading in securities that have been issued at prices that reflect its current value. The existence of the system allows the valuation of their investment and to realize its value when they require funds encourage investors to invest when issuers raise funds. Stock markets such as the NSE, BSE and the Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Ltd (MS

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