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Company registration Malaysia

Company registration Malaysia

Foreign entrepreneurs like to start business in Malaysia being attractive country and business friendly environment. Foreigners are allowed to register SDN BHD (Private limited) company where minimum 1 share holders and 100 percent foreign ownership is allowed also. Minimum require capital is Ringgit 4000 to register any company in case of foreign shareholding entity. Later on, share capital can be increased as your desired volume upon need. Foreign investors can start export, import, general grading, restaurant, manufacture and service business holding full ownership and no local (Malaysian) partner is required. For visa issue: In case of visa (employment) application government recommended require capital is Ringgit 500,000 (1 million is under WRT) and in case of joint venture with local Malaysia required capital if Ringgit 350,000. If you have no intention to apply for visa later on, is recommended to show your capital Ringgit 4000 to 5000, enough. Our

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Company registration Malaysia

Foreign investors plan to register sdnbhd (pvt ltd) company in Malaysia as holding 100% shares own or joint venture (local + foreign). The process of new company registration Malaysia online is as follows:

  1. Business name approval
  2. Company incorporation by SSM

First of all, appoint company secretary who is authorized to submit registration papers to SSM. Speak with consultant, expert who can primary guide how to start registration process, what is the cost of them, how many licenses are required to start new business, how much capital is required to be invested initially as nature of your visa and what are the formalities to apply of visa for the directors and family members?

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Company registration consulting firms

Since 2012, S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED is a global foreign company registration consulting firm. Major Service areas are: (1) company registration (2) income tax (3) accounting and audit (4) business advisory. We are serving to the foreign investors who plan setup business in any country of Asia, Europe and American including Latin, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. We are expert on FDI law and guide nonresidents on following local FDI policy of Government, as company formation policy being foreigner vary country to country and different than local investors.

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