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How to setup a freelancer license in Dubai

In UAE, many of the of the people wishes to earn some extra profits apart from their salary due to the high cost of living to continue a good standard of living . Normally people are mixed up about the part time job and freelancer. Freelancing is mostly working or run the business legally with a valid trade license. Part time work is illegal unless you get the separate permit from the ministry of labor in Dubai. You can get the freelancer license Dubai with one or more person and enjoy the ownership of the company, open a separate company bank account; separate business address etc. under the freelancer permit, you are legally allowed to run the business or work here.

Choice of Jurisdiction: Entrepreneurs could start a company as a freelance license in Dubai from a given jurisdiction that permits a number of activities. The jurisdiction that offers freelancer permits to acquire a freelance license in UAE is Abu Dhabi Two Four 54, Dubai Production City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio C

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how to open a grocery store in Dubai

Grocery store in Dubai is on the top business; Dubai is an important business hub and it is the wildest growing economy and living lifestyle. The fast moving up and down corporate structure of Dubai has grown to be one of the chosen endpoints for grocery store business. The business heaven of Dubai is attracting large numbers of entrepreneurs to abstract their ideas and thoughts for Grocery store business License in Dubai. However, they ignore the tediousness and hassles that can obstruct the goals; to know more about the grocery business in Dubai click here How to open a grocery store in Dubai

Looking for business setup in Dubai by your own is not surprising. Each country has certain rules and regulations that are to be filled in while setting up a new business. Business setup in Sharjah is also subject to several rules and regulations. This needed to be following properly. We Shams consultant offers our services to create the setup of the business process.

Shams Consultant is a reg

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Branch of a foreign company in Dubai

posted by shamsconsultant 3 months ago
tags: Branch Company

When Opening a branch company in Dubai or a representative office, a number of questions stand up. It is particularly related to the facts of the commercial law in UAE, specifying the opportunity of forming different types of firms in different Emirates often having separate statuses and options for allowable business activity.

Our company has a strong knowledge in legal sustenance when starting a branch for different companies with dissimilar business activity such as trade, consulting, industrial, telecommunications, tourism, holding etc. We also offer assistance in market study of various business parts of UAE, which is unavoidable when taking a decision of starting a branch of your company abroad.

There are a lot of company formation types in UAE. One of the most vital ones is the setup of branch office in Dubai. To open a branch is a very popular way for foreign companies to extend their business into other markets as it provides numerous benefits.

A branch company formation in

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Auditing license in Dubai

posted by shamsconsultant 3 months ago
tags: Auditing license in Dubai

Auditor license in Dubai, UAE has got plenty of chances to serve their clients. The need for an outside auditor for a business entity in Dubai is very essential, even though the annual audit is not compulsory in Dubai mainland. Many of the companies in Dubai are opting for an external Auditing license in Dubai in order to make sure that the books of accounts are properly maintained. In the case of free zones all the companies have to do annual audit by a certified auditor for renewing their trade license. Once an auditor is appointed for a company to review on regular basis, they verify the books of accounts of the company by visiting them on a regular basis and at the end of the year they prepare a detailed report to the management about the financial performance of the business.

Who would require Audit?

  • All Free Zone Companies in the UAE and specially Dubai Airport Free Zonein order to renew their license
  • Get conversant in your area's tax codes. This includes financial gain, pay
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Cosmetic product registration in Dubai

posted by shamsconsultant 4 months ago
tags: Product registration

Dubai is the one of most important and central hubs of international trade and finance in regards of importing and exporting of the cosmetic and personal care products. UAE government to create an up-to-date testing process, for Cosmetic product registration in Dubai. And they make the registration essential for any cosmetic product before lunching in Dubai market. The main straight forward purpose of cosmetics product registration is to ensure the consumer safety

The Dubai Gov’t regulates the production, sale and import of cosmetic products by needing that every cosmetic product or Food Product Registration in UAE needs to be tested before it lunch in Dubai market; as well as it also regulate the persons as well as the corporate entity to get a proper license in Dubai linked to cosmetics products. At this point also note that the registration of a cosmetic product is valid for 5 years as an addition for renewal to be reviewed.

Till now we have completed so many cosmetic product regi

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Professional License in Dubai

posted by shamsconsultant 4 months ago
tags: Professional License in Dubai

Dubai is one of the reckless growing states in the world; and the nice-looking low tax system of the emirate of Dubai marks it a perfect place to set up Professional license in UAE. Professional License setup in Dubai is one of the outstanding services from our professional. The Professional License in Dubai can be setup with 100% expat owner ship in the Emirate of Dubai. However, a UAE national will be selected as a service agent but he has no direct participation in the business and is paid on an annual basis. The role of the Local Service Agent is to support in obtaining professional license, visa, labor card, etc. There is no minimum capital requirement for a professional company in Dubai.

Professional company in Dubai

This type of setup allows the holder of the license to exercise their profession, be it accounting, medical, consulting etc. Professional license in Dubai is a useful license; and it is one of the most common types of a license owing to its elasticity for the owne

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Starting business in Dubai

posted by shamsconsultant 4 months ago
tags: Starting business in Dubai

This guide will take you through the basics of what you should know before starting business in Dubai, and the right steps for incorporating should you choose the region as your new venture’s home.

For most tycoons, getting on track in Dubai’s Free Zone, There are plenty free zone in Dubai, Free zone for business setup looks like a decent option-- and truly so. There are many benefits to working in a free zone area. But there are also some disadvantages to consider before choosing the free zone as your business’ home.

The Dubai International Financial Centre or DIFC is a free zone, setup to promote the growth and development of financial services and related sectors within the UAE. It has its own legal structure and courts separate from those of the extensive UAE, with authority over business, commercial, civil, employment, trusts and securities law matters.

The DIFC company formation aims to provide a platform for business and financial institutions to reach into and out of the eme

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Dubai import export business

posted by shamsconsultant 4 months ago
tags: Dubai import export business

Prior to operating Dubai import export business, it is first necessary to follow the steps outlined below in order to meet the legal requirements of all concerned government authorities and to guarantee maximum commercial benefit for the business owner. - Submit the company registration application and the proposed company name to the Department of Economic Development (DED) - Notarize the company’s Memorandum of Association in DED - File company documents with the Department for Economic Development (DED) and obtain trade license and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Make a name board - Apply for establishment card at the Ministry of Labor - Register native workers with the Ministry of Labor - Register native workers with the General Authority for Pension and Social Security The basic requirement for all business activity in UAE is one of the following three categories of licenses:- - Commercial licenses covering all kinds of trading activity.

import export license in Dubai age

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Setting up E commerce trade license Dubai

posted by shamsconsultant 4 months ago
tags: E commerce trade license Dubai


In order to setup an E commerce license in Dubai for a foreign investor to perform business in the UAE. They must need to setup a proper legitimate presence in the country. And this is only possible when they apply for the E commerce trade license in Dubai. There are so many structures for this type of a business; but the most common one is the LLC. Or in other word; the most preferred business structure for foreign investors are Limited Liability Companies (LLC). This is for the reason that the investor is capable to retain majority of control of their business and have to put up only a small amount of money to start E commerce trading license in Dubai.

To start an online business in Dubai; in mainland area foreign investors will have to partner up with a local UAE national, who will have to be majority share in the company; that is 51% of the company’s shares.


Setting up E commerce trade license Dubai free zones

When it comes to setting up an E commerce license in Dubai, bot

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