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How to create mood refreshment home decoration



Ever thought to décor the room , No na… Then think of it.I know it’s  time consuming and we have to make many necessary changes . But redecorating the home enchance the mood also newness is felt. So here are some thing or can say idea to create mood refreshment home decoration .

Basically when it comes for home interior décor first thing come in the mind is Colors.Certain colors affects our mood and can boost productivity level.Every color is related to certain feelings , so for mood refreshment décor , one should paint their room or home with bright and warm colors.

Apart from colors, shape and textures also has a good impact on mood.Same décor with no shape and texture can be quite boring and visually tiring.Different shape and textures add enchancement in mood.After a stressful day when we come home  visually appealing room, with nice patterns and colors relaxes our mind .

Lights, they are really important. Lights too had a good impact on how you feel.When decorating the hom

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