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MaintWiz | CMMS – Work Order Management

posted by vinukumar05 8 months ago
tags: work order management

A work order is a document that authorizes the execution of maintenance, repair, inspection, installation or other types of tasks carried out on an asset. The work order can create a facility (physical location or site), fixed or moving equipment, a linear asset like pipeline or for an instrument.

Work orders can generate manually, or system created. A work request made when the user department wants to communicate an application, problem or issue and the work order maintenance department reviews the request and upon approval converts into a work order. It can assign to an owner, and the progress of task completion is tracked over the timeline.

Work order brings a structured approach to addressing the job at hand. Work Order software consists of the specific post that needs to be completed and often breaks down of the post into multiple sub-tasks. It also tracks spare parts and labor consumed to compute the cost of maintenance.

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CMMS – Computerized Maintenance Management System

posted by vinukumar05 8 months ago
tags: computer maintenance management system

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a software application that helps in streamlining your maintenance operations to achieve maximum operational efficiency.

  • Helps maintenance teams manage maintenance related information better.
  • Provides historical information on all the maintenance activities performed on that equipment.
  • Helps in creating work orders to attend to a breakdown or to schedule a preventive maintenance activity.
  • Digitize the asset information like nameplate details, technical details, and acts as a repository of design manuals.
  • It helps in scheduling preventive maintenance scheduling tasks.
  • It can also send out alerts and notifications on breach of critical parameters like temperature or pressure. Also, it provides insights and analysis about failures and actions taken therein.
  • Provides a lot of analytics, performance metrics and historical information over the entire asset lifecycle.
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Reliability Centered Maintenance

posted by vinukumar05 8 months ago
tags: reliability centered maintainance

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is a systematic process framework and methodology for defining the most efficient and efficient maintenance management plan for a specific asset, system or component.

RCM is a part of the more significant Reliability Engineering discipline. Reliability is defined as the ability of a product to perform its intended function without failure, for a specified period and understated operating conditions.

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Total Productive Maintenance

What is Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)?

Total Productive Maintenance is a holistic approach to equipment maintenance to achieve the goal of zero defects, zero breakdowns, and zero accidents. TPM emphasizes on empowerment of operators to work in a concerted manner to ensure optimal performance of equipment maintenance. Total Productive Maintenance program creates a shared responsibility among stakeholders and encourages greater involvement to improve overall equipment effectiveness.  Proactive engagement of operators in the equipment maintenance leads to increased employee morale and productivity, lower costs, improve quality and extend asset life.

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

posted by vinukumar05 8 months ago
tags: effeciency equipment overall management

Overall Equipment Effectiveness is a measure of the efficacy of the plant operations.  OEE has been popularized by the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) movement and is often considered the gold standard in measuring the operational efficiency.

OEE helps in understanding the systemic deficiencies that prevent companies from reaching the maximum goal of 100% efficiency and provides insights on the causes and possible remediation.  The simplicity in calculating OEE metric and its universal applicability across industries has made OEE a best practice and industry-favorite to measure operational effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Enterprise Asset Management

posted by vinukumar05 8 months ago
tags: Enterprise Asset Management Technology

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a computerized application that tracks the entire lifecycle of an asset including procurement, commissioning, operations, maintenance and decommissioning. An asset can be an infrastructure, facility, power plant, warehouse, building, stationary equipment, a fleet of moving assets, public utilities, transmission lines, water distribution lines, telecom towers etc.

EAM offers a holistic perspective looking at the asset lifecycle from different angles – capital allocation, running costs and total cost of ownership, project, process, performance, maintenance, risks, compliance, safety, and sustainability. EAM is an enterprise system and thus lays emphasis on a full-service solution, multi-site architecture, and integration with enterprise systems.

EAM Enterprise Asset Management Model

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