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How to Distinguish Whether the Wig is Virgin Human Hair?

Nowadays, 100% human hair can be dyed and permed to make various hairstyles. If you are very particular about the quality of hair, 100% human hair is more suitable for you, because human hair does not easily knot and it can be used for a long time. But, 100% human hair is really expensive, so there are three ways to distinguish whether the hair you bought is 100% virgin human hair.

1. Draw one or two hair at random and burn it with a lighter. The burning hair will become a black pellet. If the black pellet becomes powder after you gently rub it, the hair is human hair. If the black pellet is hard and it can not be rubbed to become powder, the hair is synthetic hair.


2. The highest thermal resistance temperature of heat-resistant wig is from 180 degrees to 200 degrees, so you can take out a lock of hair from your wig and use straightener or curling iron to straighten or curl the hair with a high temperature of 220 degrees. If the hair is coke, the hair is heat-resistant wig instea

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Do You know How to Wash Your Virgin Hair?

Many people who buy a wig will encounter such a problem that they don't know how to condition the hair? And you must know that even a best quality wig will disappoint you, if it is not washed properly. So, it is very necessary to wash your virgin hair correctly

1. Use the special wig comb (anti-static) to comb your hair

2. Soak the hair in the cool water for 5 to 10 minutes (if your soak the hair in the water for a very long time, the hair will be broken)

3. Wash the hair by your hand instead of washing machine

4. Choose 2-in-1 beauty shampoo; gently grab the hair with your hand (don't scrub hard the hair )

5. Clean the hair with clean water

6. Use the dry towel (2-3 pieces) to soak up the water on the wig (using hand to wring the hair or using washing machine to dry the hair by shake is forbidden)

7. Natural air drying instead of drying in the sun

8. Gently grasp the hair with your hand and comb it with a special wig comb after the wig dries up to 90 percent of the time

9. sp

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You Never Know the Pain of Those People Who Have no Hair

When I first started this job, I just considered that the reason why people buy wigs was that they want to change their hairstyles easily without hurting their virgin hair. However, my mind didn't change until I saw a piece of news. The news reported that a man opened a wig shop near a hospital in order to make the people smile again, who have no hair because of disease.

 What impressed me most is that a young mother, who just did her second-line chemotherapy, came to make a wig with her daughter. She required to shave her hair after the clerk spend a long time in cleaning out a large amount of hair from her sweater. Her daughter squatted on the floor, picking up the hair with tears when her mom was shaving. When I read this, I feel strongly that how important the hair is, only those who have lost it know. And you should know that initiatively shaving one's head is totally different from hair loss.

 Finally, I'm so proud of my job. We do the wig, which is 100% human hair. And our man

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Virgin Human Hair is Going up in Price

There is a piece of news that Chinese women are the biggest challenge for wig industry. What happened? 

It was reported that Chinese women have more money to do hairdressing including hair dye and perming due to the development of economy and society. So, do Chinese women’ behavior has anything to do with wig industry?

It is no exaggeration to say that nearly 80% wigs comes from China. And if most Chinese women dye or perm their hair, their hair will get damaged and the number of wigs making from human virgin hair will fall sharply. In Order Words, if most Chinese women dye or perm their hair, the number of virgin human hair is getting less and less and it’s price will go higher and higher.

Now or never, there is a discount for Meetu Hair--35% off 100% virgin human hair. There are various hairstyles including loose wave hair, water wave hair, deep wave hair, etc. What are you waiting for? Buy now:

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3 Advantages of Wearing Wigs

①flatter face shape

Flattering face shape is the basic function of hair. You can choose different types of wigs to flatter your face shape to make you look more beautiful. For example, you want to have a small face but your hair is short. You can wear a wig and use the wig to cover up both cheek in order to make your face small.


②Various types of hair styles

Owning wigs, you can change any hair styles you want and you don’t have to worry about your hair getting damaged due to perming, dyeing, straightening and so on. Wigs are suitable for all people no matter what reasons people choose to wear it.


③Save much time and money

Have you ever had your hair done at the hair salon? How much time did you spend in doing a new hair? And how much money did you pay? For woman, they will spend nearly two hours in washing your hair including hair care, drying, cutting and so on, not to mention to dye or perm. So if you really want to do a new hair, maybe you will spend the whole afternoon

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Where to buy breathable wig?

Summer is coming. Are you going to change a hairstyle?

At this time, wearing a wig is a good choice, because you can freely shorten or lengthen your hair by wearing a short hair wig or a long hair wig. And you can also straighten, burn, dye the wig to change your hairstyle without any concern. Just do what you want.


However, wouldn't it be hotter with a wig?

Absolutely not. Meetu Hair is one of the biggest virgin hair supplier in China. It has been supplying virgin hair for about 20 years in Henan province with a high quality and reasonable price. The hair of Meetu is shiny, natural and chemically unprocessed. More importantly, it is breathable to wear in hot summer.                                                    


So, what can you buy in Meetu Hair?

Meetu Hair mainly focuses on virgin Brazilian hair, Malaysian Hair, Peruvian Hair and Indian Hair with various hairstyles including loose wave hair, water wave hair, deep wave hair, etc.

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What? Taylor Swift is a third woman?

Hey, guys, I know you definitely want to know what happened with Taylor Swift after you saw the title. But, I want to clarify that Taylor Swift isn't a third woman. She just plays a third woman in the babe music video with a red wig. The babe music video mainly tells the story of a couple breaking up with difficulty and painfulness. In the video, what impresses me most is the red wig of Taylor.

You know, Taylor is a perfect woman. She is not only beautiful but also very talented. I like her so much and her new style hair in the babe music video is really amazing to me. How beautiful the style hair is! I have long desired to do a new style hair like that, but I am afraid that it will make me look strange and get a lot of attention. However, I can choose another way as Taylor to wear a wig, which can not only satisfy my desire of having red hair but also keep my hair the way it was.

To my surprise, I search the wig on the Internet. There are so many types of wigs including Brazilian ha

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3 Tips to Condition Your Hair

Today, I give you guys 3 tips to condition your hair. I hope it can help you a lot.

1. Can I use a comb to tide my curly hair?

If you want tide your curly hair, you can use your hand instead of using a comb, because the comb will destroy the shape of curly hair. If the hair is straight hair, you must use the special wig comb which is customized for wigs.

2. How to straighten the straight hair which is out of shape?

If you carelessly curve your straight hair, don’t use your hand straighten it up at full tilt. In that case, your hair will be broken off. And, if you are lazy to wash it, you can use a wet towel cover on your hair. It will be straightened after natural air drying.

3. How often should you wash your hair?

If you often wear the same wig, I recommend you to wash your hair once a week. Pay attention. You should use cool water to wash your hair, unless you want the hot water destroy the quality of your wig. Moreover, the hair can not be soaked in the water for a long time.

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Meetu Hair--Favorable Hair

Meetu Hair has been supplying virgin hair for about 20 years and providing OEM & ODM services for more 1,000 companies offline. Our hair is 100% human hair in various hairstyles including loose wave hair, water wave hair, deep wave hair, etc. We also provide drop shipping service. Now, we are trying our best to get more attention through our consistently high service and

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